Review/ Cars Character Encyclopedia & Cars 2 The Essential Guide

If you ask Michael what his favorite thing about summer apart from not going to school it would be going to cheapie Tuesdays at the movies and seeing all the new movies that are out and this year it seems to be a lot of great kids movies coming out such as Monster University, Planes, etc
Although I have to say nothing beats movies from previous summers which brings me to this post. I was contacted by the awesome Chris from DK books to let me know about the summer promotion that is happening on their website

Go Behind the Scenes with DK

Whether you love Disney princesses, superheroes or Jedis and droids, DK’s Visual Guides, Essential Guides and Character Encyclopedias are the perfect way to bring the excitement of your favourite movies home. Full-page profiles of characters, behind-the-scenes information and page after page of fantastic amazing photographs and images from the films make each of these books a must-have for any film fan!
Chris had asked me if there was anything I would like to review from the selection and I showed it to Michael and he was instantly thrilled because some of his favorite movies had books. So he was very good about picking out only two and they are:

I have to admit I was surprised he didn’t pick any of the Lego books and I asked him about it and he said I love Lego just not Harry Potter or Star Wars ones. Which is fine by me.

We got the box really quickly and Michael was thrilled to get something to open in the mail.

We love DK books because they are the perfect size for kids and they are so well made. Very sturdy and duable in my mind. Plus they have the best pictures and descriptions in them.

I would like to welcome Michael to his first official guest posts/review. He is going to be reviewing both these books for you today.


Book: Hardcover

| 184 x 240mm | 144 pages | ISBN 9780756688707 | 10 Jul 2012 | Dorling Kindersley | 7 – 17 years

Includes Mattel EXCLUSIVE die-cast model and a poster-sized collector’s list! Mattel has sold more than 250 million die-cast cars from Cars, Cars 2, and Cars Toons. Now you can find them all in one place: DK’s Disney•Pixar Cars Character Encyclopedia!
Featuring more than 250 different die-cast Cars models, this all-inclusive encyclopedia includes a character profile for each model with model descriptions, year created, unique characteristics, and much, much more!

For the avid collector or the young die-hard Cars fan, Disney•Pixar Cars Character Encyclopedia will be a must-have for both!

I am huge fan of the Cars movies as my mom can probably tell you (Yes I can vouch for that!) and I was thrilled when I saw these books on the DK site that I was able to get and review.

The first book I am going to talk about is the Cars Character Encyclopedia. This book came with an exclusive diecast model car which is now sitting on my night table and an exclusive Lightening McQueen poster which I have hanging on my wall.

I didn’t realize it until I opened up the book that this actually covers both Cars movies as well at the Mater toons that are on tv.

In the book it shows each character that was in the movies. Each character has a stat about the car and it tells us about the model name, series, how many versions of the car there is and the vehicles.

Some characters have additional information about them in little blocks/circles and they can contain info about the car, who the voices are, real facts etc.

There are a ton of pictures for the cars and it was nice to see that the cars had different versions of them that were in the movie.

I really liked the book and thought it was excellent. If you have a cars fan I highly recommend you buying this book for them. They will love it.


Book: Hardcover

| 210 x 133mm | 48 pages | ISBN 9780756675042 | 24 May 2011 | Dorling Kindersley | 5 – 12 years

Fasten your seatbelts! Lightning McQueen is revving up for another thrilling adventure, and this time he’s racing around the world! In Cars 2, our favorite racing car is back in action with his trusty friend Mater in tow and is ready to take on the world’s fastest and finest in this high octane new installment of the Cars saga. Packed with facts, character profiles, and amazing stills from the movie, the Essential Guide is the definitive reference to the world of Cars 2.

The next book I am talking about is this one the Cars 2 The Essential Guide. This book only covers the Car 2 movie.

The book is super easy to read and there is a ton of pictures.

The book shows the characters from the first movie from Radiator Springs and then they show all the characters from the World Grand Prix which is the second movie.

One of the sections of the book that I really liked was the part that had the info about all the race cars and it included info about where they were from, country they were from, type of car, their top speed, what they have gotten in their racing careers and their strength.

Another thing I really liked was the Did You Know bubbles that talked about stuff that wasn’t in the movie.

This is a great book to read probably before seeing the movie because you can find out more about each and every character and if you have already seen the movie that is okay because you can still learn something that you might not have known about the characters.

This is another book I would recommend if you are or know someone who is a cars fan.

*I just want to thank Michael for doing this review for me. I know he was a little unsure how to do this but I think he had fun doing it. Hopefully he will do some more reviews in the future.*

I just want to thank Chris from DK for sending us these two fantastic books to read and review. It was so much fun discovering more about the characters from the movies we love.

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