Product Review/ Downy Unstopables

Product: Down Unstopables (Spring)
Size: 555g (19.5oz)
Source: I was sent this item for my honest and sincere review

I love being able to try new products so when I was contacted to review this I quickly jumped at the chance to do so.

I have never bought the Downy Unstopables before so being able to try them before hand is amazing. I would definitely buy this scent again as well as the others that are available in the set and they are Fresh (smells like clean breeze), Lush (Lavender) and Shimmer (light floral).

This Downy Unstopables came in the scent Spring and its got the scent of April fresh. Its a nice fresh spring scent that I really like.

I was super excited to have gotten this on the day I had to do laundry and my first load was towels. I added this in the washer with my laundry soap and I have to say I loved the smell it left on my towels. I noticed it every time I would open the closet to get a towel out. This left my towels smelling just like spring.

I am sure this will be great to use on my son’s hockey close when hockey starts up again in the fall.

When I went to to check out some more info about the product I discovered that you can create your own custom scent just by pairing up Downy Fusions with a Downy Unstopables. To check it out visit . That is thirty customs scents you can create or just pick your favorite scents.

I am pretty sure the next time Downy Fusions and the Unstopables are on sale I will try it out.

Have you tried this out? What did you think of it? Something you would use again?

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One thought on “Product Review/ Downy Unstopables

  1. Bellas Shelf says:

    I love seeing these posts. I love my books a lot (2 much) but we r more than books and hauls and meme’s.

    There r 2 or 3 diff Gain scents and they are not as “delicate” as Downys choices. I honestly prefer the Gain Crystals over Downy after trying multiple scent choices in both brands. My fave Gain is Gain Fireworks Sweet Sizzle.
    It’s strong, but not annoyingly so. My hubby’s work clothes NEED extra help, as do my pups sleep blankets, and outside clothes. Gain leaves a beautiful scent behind that’s strong and long lasting. Getting into bed at night smelling the Gain is so nice.
    I had to try multiple brands of crystals-Purex has one too. I went with Gain in the end.
    My bestie prefers Downy for its more delicate scents. Purex is just ok and cheaper. Gain is strong.
    I didn’t know about the customizing I may try that for my delicates and normal stuff (my everyday tee’s and what nots) I’m excited about that.
    It’s no lie they are not cheap (Purex is) so that turns a lot of ppl off. The Gain Crystals are about 7-8$ I look for coupons and sales and triple coupons..lolz
    I need the extra oomph to my smelly laundry so its worth it to me. No alarms are set to run down and add softener on the rinse cycle, no staying at the laundrymat waiting for the rinse cycle, etc.
    thanks for the great post!
    If you ever try Gain I can’t wait to hear what you thought.

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