Guest Post/ Traveling For Love by Becky Due

Finding Our Passion

When we find our passion in life, everything else falls into place. Once we discover what we love, it is up to us to figure out a way to make it an important part of our lives—that’s the tough part. As challenging as it is to make that transition, the rewards are endless. We don’t necessarily want to live a life others have dictated for us—How liberating to shoot for the dream deep in our heart and soul.

I’ve always had a passion for writing but didn’t realize I could make writing my career until my late twenties when I became brave enough to let somebody read my work. The encouragement I received paved the way for me to make writing my life.

Finding our passion can sometimes be a process of elimination while for others, knowing their passion is as natural as breathing. If we’re not the lucky ones, there are a few questions we can ask ourselves to get the ideas flowing and explore our path.
· What did I like to do when I was young?
· What was I good at when I was younger?
· What am I good at now?
· In what classes did I excel during school?
· What classes did I enjoy most?
· What do I love to watch on TV? Cooking, home decorating, crime investigation, sports, politics or fashion programs?
· What is my hobby?
Once we know our passion, research and figure out how we’re going to incorporate it into our life. We may decide to jump right in and tell our family and friends, change our major, tell our spouse, and start looking for a job that is in line with makingour passion our career. Luckily, we don’t have to change our entire life to support our passion. For example, we might remember how much we loved roller-skating when we were younger, so we get some skates, maybe some pads, a helmet and wrist guards and we start skating again. And by doing something we love, we might just get a little healthier in mind and body.

Going for the dream may seem simple from the outside looking in but it is a scary endeavor. Self-doubt, fear, and limited support can hold us back. I’ve experienced all of it and that’s usually when distractions creep in—I can’t write today, I have to clean the garage or learn how to play the guitar or become a yoga instructor. It is important to stay focused on what we want sowe keep the distractions and negativity away, we’re one step closer to our goal every day, and our self-esteem grows.

Finding our passion and going for our dream, just might be the key to happiness. We have to have faith in ourselves, discover our passion, get support, spend time with people who have similar goals and interests and possibly search for a mentor.We don’t want to sit back and wonder, what if…Maybe it’s time we are brave, stand up for ourselves and take some chances. Like Les Brown says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

I just want to thank Becky for taking the time out of her busy touring schedule to sit down and do this guest post for me. I loved having you stop by to visit and I will definetly have to pick your book now its sounds amazing.

I love the quote by Les Brown. Its a great quote and so very true.

Thanks to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book for arranging this tour and book spotlight for me.
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