This Time Last Week I Was on My Way to NYC/BEA

Its hard to believe that this time last week I was sitting on the Amtrak train on my way to NYC for BEA 2013.

Once again this time was different for me and I’m not quite sure why. I  was honestly excited about going months ago but then different things happened that kind of put a damper on things. I think within the last month before leaving I was getting excited about going again.

The first time I went in 2010 I was literally packed a week before leaving and that included my suitcase, snack bag, my BEA tote bag and my things to do on the train bag. Last year when I went I was literally packing the morning of my trip and I think this time I probably would have let it gone to the morning of the trip but I decided the night before to start getting things packed and ready to go.

I thought we were making good time in the morning but quickly realized that we weren’t. I ended up having to run to the bank before leaving to get some more US money and a few Canadian bucks and I literally made it to the train station just before they were getting ready to board the train. I was lucky enough to nab a Red Cap who brought my suitcase down for me and that got me pre boarding.

I was thrilled to have gotten pre boarding because the line was huge and that meant that the train going into the US would be packed and it was packed. It was due to the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend in the US.
This was the first time I have gone to NYC on my own and I honestly was a little freaked out at first because that meant I had no one to talk to on the train which is honestly okay but it would have been fun to have someone to gush over NYC and BEA with. Thankfully throughout the day I was getting texts for Kate from , Tina ,Sheila from , Lucy from and my son Michael which honestly passed the time quickly.
We were a little late getting into NYC because of the delay at that border and its like that every time we go. I don’t understand how people can travel knowing that they are a risk. Another issue that always seems to pop up is the food. I guess there was some people who tried to bring in fruit and/or vegetables and that sent border officials around again asking if anyone had brought that on bord. People is just like flying or driving across the border you are not allowed to bring fruit and vegetables across.
When I finally got into NYC I quickly decided to hop into a cab to go to my hotel just because I was going to be meeting up with Kate and Pam ( ) for our first PinkBerry run.
My hotel for the week was The Hampton Inn’s Time Sqaure South and that will be a separate post coming up at the end of the BEA recap.

Check back for more of my recap this week.

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