This Time Last Week (Day 3 in NYC)

(Wednesday May 29th, 2013)

This morning I got up early with Sheila to head to the Javitis to pick up my badge while Sheila was going to attend the Blogger Conference something that I don’t attend.
Inside the Javitis I saw these:

 Its the Diary of a Wimpy Kid van. I am kicking myself because I meant to get back to this to check it out but never did.

I was so thrilled when I saw this Louise Penny banner. Louise Penny is a local author here in Quebec and I have been lucky enough to attend one of her signings here in Montreal and was really bummed that I didn’t get to see her at BEA.
As you can see it was a kind of over cast day. I was a little disappointed because the Javitis is usually more festive for BEA. There was no huge banner outside announcing the expo.
The only thing was this:

I think the flashing billboard is new this year. It was so funny because when I first stepped out of the Javitis it was showing this, I literally had to stand on the street for like 10 minutes before it flashed back to this.

Today would be my last day to sight see and to shop before the craziness of BEA started. After picking up my badge I quickly went back to the hotel to drop it off along with a few booklets I picked up when I registered.
Before heading back to the hotel I had to snap these pictures:

 I love seeing these huge billboards outside the Javitis each year.

All my shopping up until today has been for myself so today I was going to devote my shopping to Michael.
He had only three requests for me and those were to get him:
New York flat brim hat
Two containers of pick a brick from the lego store. Sadly they didn’t have the ones he wanted so he told me to pick what I wanted. I also got him some various small pouch lego kits and mini figures.

 The Story Cubes is what I picked up at another store for Michael.

 I saw this cute picture frame lego kit and I knew Michael would love it. I told him that one day when we go to NYC as a family we will put our picture in it.

Finally the last thing Michael asked for was:

No trip to NYC would be complete without a stop to the M&M store. I picked up two bags of assorted M&Ms, these cute M&Ms in an apple shape container that says I heart NY, a key chain for me because I love NY along with two mugs that were on sale.
I would have loved to stay in Time Square to look around but it was raining a bit and I wanted to get back to the room to rest and fresh up because I would be attending a publisher party that evening and also because there was a ton of kids on a field trip there.
So check back a little later when I will talk about the publisher party I attended.
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