Smashing Saturdays/ My Essentials First Post

When I first stumbled up Katie from it was through her youtube videos and when I realized she was a blogger as well I quickly started to follow her. I don’t recall how long I have been following Katie but it feels like she has always been a part of my blog roll.

Earlier this month she started to talk about Smash Journals and I was intriqued and was so happy when she shared a Smash Jourmal 101 post because after reading that I knew this was something I wanted to take part in.

I was so thrilled when Katie shared her Smashing Journal Essentials because I honestly had no idea what I should get and pick up. So seeing her essentials made shopping a whole lot easier.

The Smashing Journal I picked up was the International one and I was thrilled because when I went to Michael’s to pick up my Smashing Journal essentials the lady was putting alot of the items on sale so I was lucky enough to get everything on sale.

I paid $5.99 for the journal. It comes with a black pen/glue stick that is attached to the book making journaling and adding pictures/souvenirs etc quick and easy. I love all the pages that are in the journal so I am looking forward to bringing this on our trip.

Add a fun surprise to your SMASH design with these K&Company SMASH™ Fish Sliders. Slide open and add a sticker. Includes one slide and three stickers. ($1.89)

Customize your folio with the K&Company SMASH™ Embossed Sticker. Inspired by vintage door-knockers, there is a space under the lion to personalize. Includes one sticker. $1.49 each (picked up two)

These K&Company SMASH™ Owl Sliders are a real hoot! Slide open and add a sticker. Includes one slide and three stickers. Now you know I had to pick this up when I saw it.  $1.29

Elastic Bands perfect to keep your Smash Journal closed. I love that it comes in a pack of two pretty colors black & white and tiffany blue. $1.29

This black and white polka dot band is perfect to put additional pens. pencils, markers etc

 These K&CompanySMASH™ Plastic Pockets are perfect for securing your favourite stuff in your folio. Includes 5 pockets each with different designs. Approximate size of pockets: 7.6 cm x 8.25 cm (3×3.25 in.), 10.1 cm x 10.7 cm (4×4.24 in.), and 11.4 cm x 15.8 cm (4.5×6.25 in.). $1.29 and I got two of these.

 List pads are perfect for when you get into a Smash Journal funk. The ones I got were: Blank , Top 10, Activity, and two Travel ones. These were on sale for $1.29 to $1.49

Then I happened to be in Walmart looking at some craft supplies for Michael to do this summer and I spotted a small Smash display and got another Smash list in Top 10, page tabs that are labelled with I want, I need, to make, to bake and to buy (I already have another Smash journal in mind for these ones), a pack of page tabes that you can fill in yourself and a pink pen/glue stick.

Have you ever heard of Smashing Journals? Does this interest you?

What are you Smashing Essentials?

Call Me Crazy

Be sure to check back often as I part take in the Smashing Saturdays hosted by Katie from Call Me Crazy where I will be sharing my Smashing journal with you and be sure to check out Katie’s Smashing Saturday posts on her blog.

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