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Super Pop! Pop Culture Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It Through the Holidays by Daniel Harmon (published by Zest Books, June 2013, $16.99; ISBN 9781936976362)
  • As David Letterman demonstrates on the Late Show, top ten lists are really funny. And we know lists are a great way to get organized, get things done, and streamline life’s many tasks. But now, pop culture expert Daniel Harmon takes a totally new approach to list making in his new book Super Pop! and organizes 500 movies, songs, video games, and books into top ten lists that not only have the power to entertain, but also to help create a new and better you!
  • Super Pop! offers a maximum-pleasure, minimum-effort way to become smarter, happier, and a little bit more likely to survive a shark attack. This wide-ranging collection organizes pop culture’s greatest hits—including blockbusting movies, bestselling books, platinum albums, and more—into hilarious, provocative, and weirdly edifying top ten lists, and provides quick-hitting commentary in the nearly 500 entries.
  • “A weird, witty, endlessly entertaining compendium for the budding pop-culture aficionado.” – Kirkus Reviews
  • “This is a go-to resource for [those] looking to bone up on pop culture, sound interesting at a party, or craft the perfect playlist for a workout.” – Booklist
  • “This book is terrific fun just for browsing purposes. But as a source of potential teaching / discussion / writing ideas, it’s downright invaluable.” – School Library Journal

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