StarLooks April Edition

 What a perfect way to wrap up the month with April then with my monthly StarLooks subscription. I received the box today in the mail and as soon as I brought it in the house I ripped it open. I love that this isn’t a huge well known subscription because I never see alot of spoilers on the box and honestly I love that. I like being surprised each month.

I think this has to be one of my favorite monthly subscription services out there. This month the box is a very pretty blue with brown. I never really thought that these colored went well together until I got the box this month.

 As you can see this package was moved around alot because normally the tissue paper stays in place but thats okay. Inside the carried the silver theme into the box which is another nice touch StarLooks does each month. You can see alot of detail goes into the box each month.

Another touch to detail is the product cards they send out each month. The cards are always different and feature real life models wearing the StarLooks products.
This month is considered the Neutral month and its suited for all skin tones.
As always each month we get full size items. Which is another thing I love and I have to say I love the quality of the items. As always I am always excited to try everything out.
This month we got a Translucent/Nude Mineralized Powder. This is perfect for combating shine. I was a little worried that it would go on white but it actually goes on invisible. This sales for $19 on the StarLooks site.
Next up is the Sensation Mascara Primer. This is going to soothe the lashes and moisturize them. This is also the perfect base coat before applying that mascara we got last month in out box. It will also allow your mascara to be applied clump free and make it long lasting. This sales for $15 on the site.
Finally the last item is a Tender Gloss Lipstick in the shade Trinity. It looks dark but its really a nice neutral shade that gives off a natural color look with some shimmer to it. This would probably be something I would use when I was going out in the evening. This sales for $11 on the site.
Now your probably saying to yourself how can that be the last item when you see another tube well this month we were lucky enough to get another bonus item.  This is a StarLooks exclusive item. Its the StarLooks Mint flavored SPF Lip Balm. I liked the taste of the lip balm and it went on really nice. They suggest you apply this after you use the lip scrub from last month so that you can keep your lips protected and looking good all day. this is something I threw in my purse and will be using all the time. The suggested price is $5.

This month the box has a value of $50. So as you can see it was well worth the subscription fee I paid for this. I always get my money’s worth and then some from this box.

I am so excited to see what I get next month. What interests you this month?
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