(BEA) The Room Mate Edition

This is probably going to be my third and final year being able to attend Book Expo America because we are planning on taking a family vacation to Disney in 2014.

If you are looking to go to BEA and are on a limited budget then I highly recommend you go the route of looking for roommates instead of doing it alone, if you don’t mind sharing that is.

The first year I went with a local blogger friend Linda. It was so much fun and we knew then that the only way to go so that we both could afford it was sharing a room. It was so much fun.

When I knew I was going the second time, I went that same route and searched out a roommate. But this time instead of sharing with one person I shared with three others. This was a first for me and honestly I was a little scared because I only knew these ladies from there blogs. It turned out to be a fanastic and memoriable week. My roommates were Kate (midnightbookgirl) , Kimberly (On The Wings of Books) and Kellie (Snarky Books, Uber Nerd) .

I knew when I was planning on going this time that I needed once again to go the route of roomies. This time was a little harder at first in finding room mates (not sure why) and sadly my first two didn’t work out for various reasons but I am thankfully to have found two for now to share with.

So my two room mates for the week will be Sheila from Book Journey and  Stacy from The Novel Life.

Sadly I have to make a quick note and say that Stacy won’t be rooming with us. Something came up that has caused Stacy to back out and we totally understand. We will miss you Stacy. You will be there in spirit**

I have known Sheila from the day I almost started blogging and during the first BEA I always ended up missing her so we never met. Then when I went last year we exchange numbers and hoped to work something out well low and behold I found out she was staying at the same hotel as me so we were constantly bumping into each other.

I can officially say since I was the one heading into NYC first (Sunday May 26th) I took over the reines and hunted down a place for us to stay and after numerous (and I mean numerous) emails and texts and calls- Sheila can vouch for me on this we finally secured a place to stay for the week.

Its going to be a fun week I am sure of it. I am looking forward to hanging out with Sheila and Stacy and  all the other bloggers I meet.

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