A Brand New Subscription Service Coming Out Very Soon and a VIP Event

Today I am very happy to tell you about a brand new subscription service that will be shipping out very soon, May to be exact. The subscription is called Mademoiselle En Boite and its a Quebec company. Its currently only available to Canadians and all the info is in French. Not sure if there is any plans to make the site available in english.

The box will feature 5-6 items that will consist of beauty items, accessories etc. It’s $24.95 a month. If you want to do three months its $74 and for six months its $149. Plus each box will have a monthly theme.

One thing I like so far from reading the site is that your first box is billed right away and then following it will be the 15th of the month. When boxes are ready to ship you will receive a tracking number from Canada Post and you can expect to receive your box around the 15th of each month. Which will be nice to get something in the mail then because it seems like all the other boxes have been switching to the end of the month.

Now for the exciting news…….. I was able to attend their VIP event as a media guest along with Amanda (a local blogger) from My Pretty Distractions. We were so thrilled to get the invite and we were pretty much excited leading up to the event. We quickly found out that a few other local ladies we know in our facebook group was going to be attending as well. It was so nice to see Rebecca again (if you remember she was my last swap partner) and Joanne (we met up recently because I bought an eye shadow off her) and I got to meet Melina for the first time. Thanks for the Strawberry beer Melina 🙂

Melina, Joanne, myself, Amanda and Rebecca

The VIP event was held a little boutique in down town Montreal called Room Service Loft Boutique. It was a cute little boutique and I think had the place not been so packed I would have loved to have looked around. I eyed some cute sandles on the floor and some cute clothes.

The business that contributed to the box were on hand selling their products and I missed out on that because I would have loved to see what other items there had.

Here is what I got in the VIP box and no this won’t be what you receive in your first box in May. I already asked.

Flo Boutique coasters (its the orange star like shape), wine glass engraved by Creations Miss Engravings, argan oil lip balm (5ml) by Zorah (a Canadian company), Gold Sphinx (a tanning cream 30ml) by  Exodeus, brush RBC gift and a  necklace creations Zonta.


This is the Zorah Argan Oil Lip Balm. It went on very nice and as you can see its a dark red. I found out that if you apply a little bit on the lip and use a lip brush to spread it out its not as dark on your lips. I personally don’t like dark lip sticks. It was very nice on the lips and hydrating. I would definetely check them out to see what other shades are available.

This is the necklace I got from Creations Zonta. Its got a long chain and I would probably wear this out for a special event. I was unsure of this at first but after looking at it I like it. I have enclosed a close up. I think all the hanging jewels are really pretty.

I wish I would have gotten to see their display as I think I would have actually bought something.

This is a close up of the wine glass everyone got and yes that is champagne in the glass. It was so good. I am not a big champagne drinker because of the strong taste but this was divine. So good.

Before I wrap up this post I just wanted to share the design on the outside of the VIP box. Isn’t it cute? I look forward to seeing what the future boxes will look like. We were told that they weren’t going to be this big.

This is the product/info card that was inside the box. I think this is also very cute. I look forward to seeing what the future product cards will look like.

I want to thank Mademoiselle en Boite for allowing me to take part in this event and I wish you much success and I can’t wait for my first box to come in in a few weeks. I am sure you will stand out amongst the other beauty boxes.

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