Season’s Box February Edition

 I finally got my February Season’s Box. It was late in coming this time as I normally get it with in the box month.

I already knew what was in the box because as subscribers we get an email telling us what will be in the box for that month. I honestly don’t mind because they are always great products in the box.

 I love the product cards we get with the box. They are always different and unique. You can see why this box is special. On the flip side to the card is the product detail and why they love the item. This is something I love because nothing screams “purchase me” more then that. I always take recommendations when I see or read them.

 The first item I pulled out of the box is these Kala Naturals Bamboo Facial Cleansing Clothes. For some reason I feel as though I have tried these in the past from another beauty box but I am not 100% sure. I really like the idea behind these clothes because they are filled with  vitamins, organic honey, sunflower and citrus oils which are all great ingredients for your skin. Plus they cleanse, tone and remove your make up.

The clothes are also sulfate, paraben, alcohol and fragrance free. Which I love and what is also great is not only are the wipes biodegradable but you can either recycle or reuse the container. Which I will do.

 The next item I pulled out of the box right away is this Bambu Earth Sugar Cookie Body Glow. I think this by far has to be my favorite item in the box this month. It smells delicious and smells just like sugar cookies. Yum. I am sure this will be something I would repurchase again.

 I am new Rose Water and I had no clue about this or what it could do for you skin. This smells so good and just like roses. Its crafted from the distillation of premium organic Bulgarian rose petals and infused with rare organic rose essential oil.

Its great for improving complexion, reducing redness and for setting your make up. Plus the smell will instantly uplift your mood. I actually sprayed this and its so calming its like stopping to smell the flowers.

 Finally the last item is from a local company here in Montreal. Its Galerie Au Chocolat Fair Trade Bar. The company was founded here in 1985 by a Canadian Chocolatier and its now evolved into one of North America’s best source for gourmet chocolate.

I love the simple packaging of this bar. I have had these bars in the past and they are always fantastic. It says its a maple crunch bar but honestly I don’t taste any maple just a crunch with a milk chocolate. Its delicious and I wanted to eat it all in one sitting but I was good and shared it.

So that is the box for February. Its definitely worth the price I paid for it because I love everything and its always full sized items you get. This will be one subscription I end up keeping because I love what they send and you can see they are sending out items that they love and use which is nice because so many boxes put together boxes with no rhyme or reason.

What do you think of the box? Which would you say interests you the most?

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