Review/ D’Lish Deviled Eggs

Title: D’ Lish Deviled Eggs (a collection of recipes from creative classics)Author: Kathy Casey
Pub Date: February 2013
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
Pages: 160

Source: I received this cook book for review from the awesome people at Andrews McMeel Publishing.

About the book:

Deviled eggs are not just for summer picnics, now you can enjoy America”s beloved appetizer year round with Kathy Casey’s 50 fabulous recipes.
Deviled eggs are always a party favorite, and the first thing to fly off the table. D’Lish Deviled Eggs both pays homage to the classic deviled egg and dishes up creative, modern takes on tradition. And this isn’t just a recipe book; its pages are packed full with everything from how to make superb hard-cooked eggs every time, to filling and garnishing picture-perfect stuffed eggs.

Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Deviled Eggs are sure to bring back fond memories of family gatherings, while inspired offerings like “California Roll” Deviled Eggs andTwo-Bite “Carbonara” Deviled Duck Eggs add a delicious start to any dinner party. Kicky Devilish Green Eggs & Ham or Dirty Martini Deviled Eggs make perfect cocktail cohorts.

With recipe suggestions for tasty parties and seasonal and holiday pairings, D’Lish Deviled Eggs is the ultimate kitchen companion for dishing up America’s favorite appetizer. Chock-full of fab tips, from the history of deviled eggs to collecting vintage plateware, this book will definitely “egg you on” to head to the kitchen and get crackin’!

A classy little guide to a classy little dish, D’Lish Deviled Eggs will open up a whole new world of ways to jazz up these one-bite wonders!

I have to be up front and honest with this review. I got this cook book for review earlier this year and I was hoping that I would have found someone who could have reviewed this for me to be give an honest review.

I have never eaten a deviled egg before and sadly I can’t because of an allergy I have with eggs.

So there won’t be a what I made with the cookbook but rather my thoughts about the book.

There is 50 recipes included in this book. The recipes are all easy to follow and they are accompanied by a beautiful photograph. I love seeing photos what go with the recipes because you get an idea of what the product looks like.

In the beginning of the book they give you hints on what kind of deviled egg you can make for specific holidays. Which is nice if you like making deviled eggs and you can make them anytime of the year and not just at parties.

I thought the section called The hard Facts was really interesting because it talks about everything you need to know about eggs. Such as :

  • to make eggs easy for peeling of hard cooked eggs you should let them refrigerate for seven to ten days because this will allow the eggs to take in some air which will seperate the membrane from the shell
  • if you store your eggs with the small end up or on their sides over night you will get a yolk that is centered

Through out the book you will discover little tips that will aid with the recipe.

So if you love deviled eggs this would make a great cook book to add to your collection.

Do you like deviled eggs?

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