The Natural Beauty Box February Edition

 This has been a good mail week for me (as you probably can tell already) and I was happy that one of the packages I got this week was The Natural Beauty Box. One of the things I like about this subscription is the lack of spoilers so I had no idea what I was going to get.

Sadly this is going to be my last TNBB unboxing posts because I have decided not to continue with my subscription. They have increased the price of the sunscription to $29.95 + tax and that is just a little too much for me to spend and honestly after seeing this months box I am happy with my decision.

 The box is super cute in my opinion and I really like the polka dots and its very spring like. As with every box you get an invoice and since I had over paid back in 2012 this one was still at the regular price of $21.00 but I wonder if you were billed the new price would this box justify it?

Yes the box did pay for itself for me but I think this has been the lowest I have seen it value wise.

Inside the box this month was:

  • Selma Valentine Whipped Body Butter. This smelled really nice. I got a sample of 30ml (1oz) and its worth $3.00 and the full size is 10oz for $16.00
  • Jadience Herbal Formulas Purifying Toner (foil sample) I have never heard of this before but curious to try it. Its a sample of 0.06 fl oz and its woth $1.50. The full size is 4 oz for $19.
  • Another foil sample and its Tao of Man a 3-in -1 daily skin defence. The sample is 0.14fl oz for $2.50 and the full size is 3.3oz for $30.
  • Scentuals Body Care. This was an 100% natual soap. I didn’t really like the smell of the soap . The sample was 1oz for $2 and the full size is 100grams for $5.50
  • Overall Beauty Minerals sent a mineral eye shadow. This had to have the cutest packaging of the box. it came in a wax paper kind of package. The shade I got was mink. It seems like a nice shade/ The sample is worth $3.30 for 3grams and the full size is $5.50 for 5grams
  • Beauty Without cruelty hand and body lotion. The sample was 2oz for $3.50. I don’t have the full size cost or size. I like that this is cruelty free and vegan. The only think I thought it smelled like a mild version of Noxema. I could be mistaken but that is what I thought of.
  • Just Pure Minerals sent a sun kissed bronzer sample. Its a dark shade and its worth $2.00 I don’t have a full size or cost since none was provided. Not sure what size the sample is either
  • KYNK Naturals African Black Soap. This is something I am not sure I will use based on the scent. Not sure what the sample and full size are worth.
  • Pharmacopia Verbena Every day bar Soap. I actually like the smell of this and I think it will get used. The sample is 1.5oz for $2.50 and the full size is 4oz for $5.20.
  • Finally the last item is from Wine Delights which I have gotten in previous boxes. This time they sent Beer Natural Nourishing & Extra hydrating Shampoo. It smells really good the only problem I see is that its very liquidity. So I am sure alot more will be used then needed. The sample size is 1oz for $6.50 and thef ull size is 16oz for $26. I wonder if the full size is as liquidity as the sample.

So as you can see I got 10 items worth $40.80

There are a few items I am excited to try and some that I probably won’t use but I guess that can be expected right?

What interests you?

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