Empties January Edition

 In order to keep track of the items I used up this month I have made it a point to keep this bin near by so instead of throwing things in the recycling bin I put them here first.

I have noticed that since starting this that I tend to use up products alot more then before. Before I had the bad habit of using something a few times and then abandoning it. Does anyone else do that?

 The photo above is bath related to some extend. I have included bath products and shampoos/conditioners.

~I used up three of the Lush bath bombs I recently purchased. Big Blue, Sakura and one from the holiday collection which I can’t recall but I love it and wish it would become a regular item. I love Lush bath bombs and so happy that I rediscovered them again.

~Another bath bomb I used was from Fortune Cookie Soap I believe it was the coal. This was really interesting and at first I thought it would stain the tub but it didn’t. This was okay nothing special for me.

~I managed to use up three kinds of soaps this month.

  • Dove Go Fresh revive soap bar. I liked it but it wasn’t a favorite and probably wouldn’t repurchase it again.
  • I believe the next soap came from TNBB and its Temptations Bath & Body Vanilla Twist. It was a cute little cup cake shaped soap that smelled delicious. I thought it had more of a chocolate smell to it. It lathered nicely.
  • Another soap from TNBB was that cute Wicked Little Gingerbread Soap and I LOVED this. It smelled so good and had a nice lather. I ended up using this every other day just so I could prolong the soap and I loved how it made my bathroom smell.

~Another item from a beauty box was the Venus razor I recently got. I liked this and like that you didn’t need to use a shaving cream or soap to shave. It was easy to use and handle. I think I would like it if it came with a cover especially considering its left in the shower and it would easily fall and break. Since I currently have a few razors still laying around I probably won’t purchase the refills right away.

~This was the month of using up Shampoo and Conditioner samples. The ones I got in sample boxes were:

  •  NuMe Hydro punch hydrating and I liked it. I managed to get a few days of it and it had a nice smell and felt good in my hair. Although I’m not sure this would be something I would purchase.
  • Nexxus Therappe Hydrating Shampoo & Humectress Hydrating Conditioner. I was able to get a full week out of these samples and I really enjoyed it. The scent was nice and my hair felt great after using it. I would probably purchase this when I run out of what I am currently using.
  • The following are shampoo/conditioner samples that I have had for quite some time that I either got in the mail or from hotels. They are: Conditioning Shampoo (Marietta Canada), Inner Science (extra moisture care) Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner, Pantene brunette expressions shampoo & conditioner [this use to be a favorite of mine a few years ago], Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo and Conditioner [loved the smell but its was for volume which I don’t need with fizzy hair] 2x TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner [I don’t have split ends but I really loved the smell and what it did to my hair. I think this would be perfect for people who do have split ends], Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner [this also was a favorite of mine a few years ago. Loved the smell and what it did to my hair before the frizz], Sunsilk Straighten-Up [this was something I used in the past and really liked it as well.] and finally Free Your Mane [this really wasn’t a favorite of mine and wouldn’t purchase this. I just didn’t like it and what it did to my hair. Sadly I was only able to get one use out of it.]

~The last of the bath items are the washes.

  • Now I loved the smell and lather but I hated the packaging. They are from Sephora body wash caps. They were a hot mess to open and I ended up having to use one cap in one use. I thought it was just a little too much for one use but the packaging made it impossible to save. I tried the chocolate (which I really liked, who doesn’t like chocolate?) and Monoi (this wasn’t my favorite scent and wouldn’t repurchase it)
  • From a previous sample box I used up the Vanilla Grapefruit hand & body wash. I really liked this and was able to get two uses out of it and it lathered really nicely and smelled so good. I love the scent of some vanillas.
  • I was going to hold off using the Fortune Cookie Body Wash in Cheer Monger that I got but it smelled like hot chocolate and with January being so cold I couldn’t resist. This was delicious and I would purchase this in a hand beat and probably will buy it again very soon if its available.
  • Finally my least favorite of the month was from TNBB Wine Delights Pina Colada. I liked the smell and it did smell like a pina colada but I found it to be too watery for my liking. When I think of a bath wash etc I envision a thicker liquid. I probably ended up using more then I should have and it didn’t last a week because of that. I would purchase this.

~This was another month were we used up alot of hand soaps. Favorites were Iced Gingerbread and warm apple cider (love the smell of them) and some new scents were Fresh Sparkling Snow and Sparkling Pink Champagne. I would probably repurchase them again if needed.

~Something I got from my dentist was:

  •  Crest Pro-Health mouth wash. I really liked this and have since purchased a full size item.
  • Oral Pro Health floss pick. This would be perfect to shove in a make up bag and use when you are out. I liked the concept and the flavor. Not sure I would buy this but if they have a small container I would pick it up.
  • 3D White Strips. I have never used them before and I have to say it felt awkward and probably wouldn’t go out to buy them.

~Quite a few packs of wipes were used:

  • From Chapters I bought s small pack of the Hand & Face Winter Berries mini wipes. This is perfect to put in your purse and it doesn’t take up alot of room. They are a little pricey at 10 wipes for $2. but honestly this time of the season I don’t mine spending the money on wipes to be sure hands are clean when we are out.
  • Yes to Cucumbers sooth facial towelettes was something new I recently saw at Pharmaprix that I wanted to try out to see if they would be perfect to travel with and they were. It cleansed and nourished my skin and taking off make up was a breeze. I would repurchase this.
  • Something I’m really not sure about is the Neutrogena all in one make up removing cleansing wipes. I thought it was a little harsh on my skin. I thought this would be the perfect thing to try and see if I liked it but I probably won’t repurchase again.
  • LA Fresh Travel Wipes was something I just got in one of my boxes and I decided to use it up to see what it was like and honestly its just another wipe. Nothing special about this for me. This was actually one wipe from LA Fresh that smelled great. I hated the other wipes I have gotten from them in the past.

~For quite a while it seems like Downy was sending out the Un Stopables samples to everyone and finally I decided enough was enough time to start using them up (2x). I really like the blues ones because they had a fresh smell. I discovered that I had to use my unscented laundry soap with them because other wise it was too much. Its been nice to try them out but I don’t think I would purchase these.

~Another sample that seems to be making the rounds is Clorox cleaning wipes for Electronics. This is a neat idea and it worked really well on my computer monitor and tv but it won’t be something I would purchase just because there is cheaper ways to do that same job.

~Another item from Spa resource that I recently got was the moisturizing Foot cream. I really liked this and it was a nice break in between what I normally use. The scent was really nice and it worked great on my feet. I was able to get two uses out of it.

~I think I have had the Amedaya Sweet Orange & Vanilla body butter for a while now and during my purge and clean I found this so I decided to try it out. It was a nice smell and made my hands soft. I was able to get a two uses out of it. It was okay nothing special for me about it.

~Finally onto some make up items I was able to use up.

  • The first one is a mineral eye shimmer in Expresso (dark brown) that I got in a beauty box. I have been using it on and off since getting it and it was a really nice color to use for creating a smokey eye effect. It was too dark to use alone so what better way to use it up. It was nice to change up the look.
  • Smashbox Photo finish hydrating foundation primer was something I feel in love with and yes I went out and purchased it. This was perfect to use before applying foundation. My face felt very soft and smooth.
  • Before trying the Smashbox one I had tried MUFE (make up for ever) High Definition  Primer. It was okay and honestly for me nothing special about this. I prefer the Smashbox.

Finally two items left and one I really really didn’t like and the second I am throwing away because I think its too old.

  • If you remember I got Desirable from I believe TNBB and the reason I am throwing this away is because it smells gross. I tried it out and with perfume you have to let it set with your skin to get the true scent and well putting it on I didn’t like because its like a balm and the smell was awful and as the time progressed the smell did too. I ended up washing my arm to get rid of it.
  • I think my Revlon multi care top & base coat was old because whenever I used it my nails would crack and peel. I think I have had it for a few years. Not sure if that is normal or not but I am not taking chances.

So that is what I used up in January. Was this useful to you? What do you think of the products?

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