The Wash Box – January Editon

Good Morning everyone. I have a new subscription service to share with you today. Its called The Wash Box and its a quarterly subscription service. This is my very first box and I have been anxiously awaiting this one for a few months. The first box was in September and I had just missed out on that so I have been waiting that long.

A little bit about the box and the subscription before I get into what I received in this box.

All subscription boxes will include 8-10 exclusive Suds Bar Soap and Essentials products in adorable mini-sizes as well as other brands every now and then. You will also receive a $10 Suds Bar Soap and Essentials gift code in each Wash Box you get.

The boxes are available three times a year, January, May and September to go along with the seasons basically. As a subscriber we will get the boxs roughly three weeks before the product launch of the box. Its a sneak before to what will be available.

For Canadians its $27.99 and for Americans its $19.99


The box is shipped in a small brown box and packed with tissue paper. The box was packed and I had no idea what to pull out first. I also have to add that the box smelled really good. Everything is all hand made.

This first thing I pulled out was this Sea Island Grapefruit soap. This smells just like a tropical paradise. It also looks tropical. I can’t wait to start using this soap.

Next is this White Tea & Ginger Body Butta. You apply this to the driest areas of your skin. Its moisture intensive so it will soften all those dry areas. This is another great smelling item. I noticed that once I put it on my hand to blend in that the scent instantly reminded me of my aunt. I think this will last quite a while since a little goes a long way.

I have to say almost right away that I love how everything is package. Especially this Moisturizing Tinted Lip Butter. The containter is a cardboard  container so there isn’t alot of waste and I am sure its all recycable. Now when I opened this I was like wow thats dark (Brick House) but once I put it on to try it wasn’t that dark on me. I really like the color was nice and it doesn’t leave your lips sticky or tacky. They felt like they were getting moisturized.

Another soap I think I am really going to enjoy trying is this Oatmeal Milk & Honey. This smelled so good. Its a great blend and the smell is delicious. This smells like something I have smelled before although right now I can’t for the life think of what it is. 

This has got to be one of the cutest little perfume samples I have ever seen. Its Serene Perfume Oil. I loved this from the moment I put it on and a little goes a long way. I am not good at describing smell so I am not even going to try but it was sort of fruity/floral ish. It was a great blend. I can’t wait to add this into my dialy collection.

This is called a Lotion Stick and you  apply it to the dry areas of your body. When I first saw it was like wow a deodorant but when I flipped it over I saw that it was this. What a neat idea. Great packaging. This smells so good. I think this had to be my favorite scent of the box. This smells of a certain kind of cookie that I use to eat when I lived in NB. Sadly they no longer make them and its been years so I have forgotten the name of them. But ya I am sure I will be going crazy using this now.

These are new to me but excited to try them out.  The first one is Tahitian Desire and the second one is Polynesian Breeze. Both smelled really nice. So not only is this good for your body but your hair too. All you have to do is spritz some on your hands and rub together and then work your hands into your hair. I haven’t tried this yet but will very soon.

I love burning candles and wax tarts so I am super excited to start burning this one asap. I don’t know what the smell is but I really like this and curious to see what the throw will be like. I will let you know when I finish burning it.

Finally the last item is this Shampoo Bar. How interesting is this? I haven’t used a shampoo bar yet (although I have a few that I should really try) but the idea of a bar of shampoo intriques me.

So this is what I got in my very first The Wash Box. I am really impressed with the contents and as you can tell I am excited to try them all out. I like how its all natural and hand made. I can’t wait for the May box to come.

What interests you in this box?

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