Star Looks Janury Edition

Starlooks is another subscription service that I am always excited to get and as soon as the mailman hands me the box and the door is shut I am ripping into the box because I can’t wait to see what they send out each month.

I love that this is sort of still a unknown company to bloggers because I hardle ever see spoilers on this box and when something is unknown it makes you as a subscriber feel special. Is it just me or does everyone else feel the same way?

This month the box was this beautiful mint green and gold. Love the colors and inside the tissue paper was this yellow green which I thought was very bright and almost spring like which honestly at this time of the year we need this feel or at least I do.

This is a little more expensive then the other beauty boxes but honestly I love that we get full size items of the make up that is the Starlooks brand. You can only purchase online so that in itself makes the box special.

I have been told that if you order anything under 10lbs you get free shipping. I am really hoping to place an order this spring because I have spotted a few items that I like.

I was thrilled to get this blush from Starlooks. The pictures make it look dark and in person its a really coral kind of shade. I think this will look really nice on me as it doesn’t seem to be too dark of a shade. I love the packaging of this from the other wrapping to the product. Very simple and elegant.
I love the eye liners from Starlooks because they are a creamy texture and they apply so smoothly against your eye. I never felt like I was having to tug on my eye to get it across. The first one is a diamondline pencil in the shade Fancy. The packaging for this is elegant and simple. I honestly thought it was a silver put once I applied it you can see its a very nice green. The other eye pencil is a brown one.
I was so happy to get one of their brushes because I was told how great they were. They look very well made and this is super soft. I think this would make a great crease or blending brush. If anyone could tell me exactly what this is for I would greatly appreciate it.
As a bonus this month we got the green beaded wrap around braclet which is perfect for St Patrick’s Day in March since I don’t own alot of green things. The bracelet is from Abby Rose Designs. It has a value of $15

So that is the January box. As you can its got a value of roughly $60. I think this subscription is well worth the money if you are looking to try new make up each month. I honestly love the quality of the make up and  they by far have the best customer service out there.

What did you think was the best in this months box?

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