Review/ Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss

Title: Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss
Author: Buddy Valastro
Publisher: Atria Books
Pub Date: November 2012
Pages: 384

Source: I received this cookbook for Christmas this past year.

About the book:

TLC’s beloved Buddy Valastro is not only a master baker, he’s also a great cook—the boss of his home kitchen as well as of his famous bakery, Carlo’s Bake Shop. Home cooking is even more vital for the Valastro family than the work they do at the bakery. Every Sunday, the whole clan gathers to cook and eat Sunday Gravy—their family recipe for hearty tomato sauce. These nourishing meals are the glue of their family. Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss shares 100 delicious Italian- American recipes beloved by Buddy’s family, from his grandmother’s secret dishes to Buddy’s personal favorites, with Buddy’s own signature touches that make dinner a family event.

Buddy Valastro is renowned worldwide as the Cake Boss, but Buddy knows far more than just desserts. He makes classic dishes like Pasta Carbonara, Shrimp Scampi, and Eggplant Parmesan even more irresistible with his singular flair and with old-school tips passed down through generations. With his friendly charm, he guides even novice cooks from appetizers through more complicated dishes, and all 100 easy-to-follow recipes use ingredients that are obtainable and affordable. Your family will love sitting down at the table to eat Steak alla Buddy, Auntie Anna’s Manicotti, Mozzarella-and- Sausage-Stuffed Chicken, Veal Saltimbocca, Buddy’s Swiss Chard, and mouthwatering desserts like Lemon Granita, Apple Snacking Cake, Cocoa-Hazelnut Cream with Berries, and Rockin’ Rice Pudding.

Buddy’s recipes allow home cooks to become the bosses of their own kitchens, and anyone will be able to whip up a tasty and nutritious Italian dinner. Filled with luscious full-color photography and with stories from the irrepressible Valastro clan, Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss shows how to create new takes on traditional dishes that will make your famiglia happy.


This past Christmas I didn’t ask for alot in books because I am really trying to get through what I have. As a book lover you know what I mean. Plus honestly I have been told on more then one occassion that I really have to much and could I honestly read them all? Probably not but it got me to thinking about what books I really wanted to get and when I first saw Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss I knew I really wanted this one.

I am a huge fan of Buddy’s TLC shows as is Michael so we had a kick going through this cook book trying to figure out what mommy could make for supper.

The cookbook is divided into nine sections and that is Appetizers, Finger Food and Snacks, Salads, Breads, Pizzas and Sandwiches, Soups, Pasta and Risotto, Main Courses, Sides, Buddy Basics and finally Desserts. With quite a few recipes in each section.

Each recipe is very well laid out with easy to find ingredients and how to do it. Nothing big and complicated or nothing that will take you hours to prepare which I hate.

With each recipe there is a little story told about the recipe and included is a serving count and a prep and cook time which I find alot of the recipes no longer include. For me I love knowing this little aspect. Will the recipe be something I can just whip up or is it a day preparing it.

Another thing I hate is when there isn’t enough photographs to accompany a recipe but this book has just the right amount at just the right places which I love because honestly you don’t need to have a photograph for each and everyone.

So over the Christmas holiday I was able to make a few things from the book and sadly I didn’t get any pics because I made them when we were having company over.

The first item I made was Brushetta with Tomatoes. Olives and Capers. Although I had to alter the recipe a little because Michael doesn’t like Olives and we don’t like capers. It was still very delicious. I honestly don’t think I could go back to buy store bought brushetta after this. It was fantastic and everyone was raving about it.

Then for the main course I made the Perfect Pot roast and I just have to say that was the best pot roast I every made. I think this had to be my favorite recipe. It was so good. Our mouths were litterly drooling from it.

Since I told no one to bring dessert I made Orange Angel Food Cake with Orange and Cinnamon Glaze. This was the first time I made and angel food cake and was a little nervous but it all worked out and it was delicous. It was eaten up fairly quickly with no left overs to be had.

Something we have been having alot of lately is Green Salad with Italian-American Vinaigrette. The home made dressing is delicious and I am making it almost on a daily bases. Michael really loved the dressing and I have actually mixed up the greens to give it a different taste and we have been loving this.

Did you know that should wake up your herbs before using them? I didn’t know that and to do it all you have to do is rub it between your fingers. Interesting. This is one of several tips through out the book that I enjoyed discovering.

I am so thankfully Michael loves salads and one of his all time favorites is Ceasar Salad and Buddy had included his own with home made croutons and Michael loved it although this was another one I had to modify since we don’t eat anchovy’s.

There are so many fantastic recipes in this book that I can’t wait to try. Thanks Buddy for creating such a great cookbook.

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