Lip Factory Inc Janury Edition

Today I got my Lip Factory Inc box for January.
I am always excited when this box comes in because there is always a suprise element to it and I think thats due to the fact I don’t see alot of spoilers and this box is probably opened the fastest.
Since getting the box they have really upted the presentation and I think that says alot about the company and how they represent themselves.

They now ship in a normal brown box but inside the box is a little black box stuffed with crinkle paper to hold it in place.

When I took out the black box I could see that it was filled to the brim. I can’t wait to show you what I got this month.

Please note that I purchase this subscription and that this is just an unboxing posts. If you are interested in subscribing I would apprecitate if you used my name “Cindy Smith” as your referral or I would appreciate that greatly.

Lets get into the box shall we.

As you can see its packed with all kinds of goodies.
The first item I spotted was a dupe for the Beauty Blender. This is used to great a flawless look making it seem like your wearing no make up at all. I have actually been looking at the Beauty Blender but couldn’t never justify spending the money on it so I am thrilled to have gotten this one even if its a dupe for the real one.
These are both new to me items and the first one is Onsen Mirco Water Complex cuticle conditioner which is perfect for this time of the year. To go along with that I got a cult nails polish in the shade Charlatan. Its a sheer color and was told it looks great as a top coat. You can wear this alone as well. I love that this nail polish is cruelty free, 4 free and vegan friendly.
Now two things that I won’t use but will probably give away to someone who could use them is this ELF Brow Stencil Kit and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in the shade brunette. I admit that I rarely pluck my brows as I leave that for the professionals to do because I have a fear of over plucking. I also got a brow brush.
This month we got some foil samples which I don’t mind. The first two are from dermalogica the pinkish  one is a sheer tint moisturizer and the gray one is a special cleansing gel. On the tops is Beauty So Clean cosmetic Sanitizer wipes which I have to say at first I was a little tired of getting them but once I started to use them I loved them.
Naked Skin Cream is great for the face and body. Its like a whipped cream. I smelled this before but can’t place the smell. Two Lips graciously provided a lip gloss in the Shade Vixen. I was honestly I little scared because its so red. I admit it went a really intense at first but with wear it went into a nice shade and you can put this on top of a lipstick for an intense look. The other lip gloss is from Senna Lip Pics Lacquer in the shade Shiver. Its a vanilla flavored gloss that contains Vitamin A, E, C and Jojoba Oil for extra conditioning. When you put it on its got a frosted look. I discovered for myself that I can’t wear this alone because I find it drying but on top of a clear gloss was nice.
I really liked the box and never have a complaint with it. Everything apart from the foil samples were all full size items.

This months box has a value of over $40 so its paid for itself. I am excited to try everything out

What was your favorite thing in the box?
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