Glymm Bag- December Editon

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my Glymm bag today because I didn’t get a tracking number and no one on facebook had mentioned getting their bag or shipping notification.
I was super excited when I saw it but upon opening it I was quickly disappointed. I guess my expectations were a little too high. I think I expected with this being a holiday month that they would have gone above and beyond and included some great holiday goodies. That was not the case so guys this post won’t be heavy on images like in previous unboxing posts.

The box was super light and when I removed the tissue paper I was greeted with this gold printed make up bag. They have said that these bag have a retail value of $12.00.

I am so happy that they brought back the product card although this month they seemed to be very vague on details on what the products did etc.

The first thing I pulled from the bag was Lashe M false eye lashes. Its a full set and its worth $5.00. I don’t wear false lashes and honestly putting any kind of glue near my eye freaks me out so I never used or bought this kind of stuff although after reading the package I see you don’t need glue for the first time use so maybe over the holidays I will give it a try.

Lashe M included another item and its a eyelash & brow Enhancing serum. You are suppose to put this on your lash line and let it absorb naturally for longer, luscious lashes. Personally for me I hate putting stuff like this around my eyes. If I happen to hear people raving about this I might give it a try but until then it will be sitting around waiting to go to a home that will like this.

The next item I pulled out was Sun Coat nail polish. Its non toxic and environmentally friendly. It sells for $9.99 . I don’t know what the shade is but its a dark purple. Which is my kind of shade.  So I tried it okay and I didn’t like this at all. When it went on at first it looked brown and you need more the once coat. Personally for me I put on one coat and wait until it fully dries before the next coat well honestly before I could get to that stage I ended up nicking my finger and half the polish came off.

Well that polish is peel able. According to the info card it claims its the only long lasting and quick drying water based nail polish  in today’s market. Seriously? Well honestly from my experience it didn’t last that long perhaps a whole 20 minutes if that. If I plan on spending $10 on a nail polish I will be buying something I already know and trust.

I have never heard of Glamorous cosmetics so I was curious. The full size ranges in price from $4.50 to $9.50. This is a lip/eye pencil and the card says you can simplify your morning routine well I’m not sure if its just me but would you use it as an eye liner then a lip liner? The shade is brown and its No 04. Its a retractable pencil which is nice and I don’t have any brown lip stick so I more then likely will use it as an eye liner.

Also included in the box was a $10 gift card which I am hoping to use in the New Year in the glymm store. Also included was a $20 off my purchase at panty by post which I might use in the New Year as well if the prices stay at $25.

Personally since the switch to the bags I have been finding that I am not enjoying this bag as much as I use to. Its only $12 a month and yes the bag paid for itself but I would love to get products that I can use and get excited for. At this rate I am seriously thinking of cutting ties with them and putting that money to better use.

Perhaps starting the month off with an amazing subscription from another box has set my expectations a little too high.

What did you think of it?

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