Finally Its Happened!

After what seems like forever to organize I finally got to meet up with Tina from Bookshipper this morning for breakfast. Since the last time I met up with Tina alot has been going on with hockey and stuff on my end and then when I thought I had some free time Tina went to Mexico so we finally were able to nail down a date to meet up.

Sorry I have no breakfast shots since we both were pretty hungry and it got eaten fast. Although I did have every intent on taking pics but next time. We met at our regular little spot near Tina’s house and we both realized that at one point we needed to meet a little earlier since it tends to get loud and busy. Which I honestly think is the story of our lives isn’t it Tina?

If you remember from previous meet ups we use to do that cute little tea shop but ended up ditching it because it started to get busy and loud. Hmm wonder if we are the ones attracting business?

Anyways it was so nice to sit and talk with Tina. We talked about her trip to Mexico, my hockey dilema, Christmas, shopping, my fascination with beauty box subscriptions, books (nothing good in the stores), New York City, our upcoming BEA trip, bloggging, her work contract that just never ends, etc. You name it we probably talked about it.

It was so much fun to sit and talk with Tina and I truly enjoy your conversations. We always have great conversations and one of the things I love about Tina is that she tells it like it is even though she is crazy LOL

So I loaded down Tina with a ton of magazines ( click here to read about what she said about our meet up ) and a little Christmas present I got for her which I knew she loved right away. We didn’t discuss doing a gift exchange but Tina surprised me with just the same. Thank You Tina. here is what I got from Tina:

She gave me two tealight candle holders (one red and one orange) which I love and are sitting on my mantel and being used right now.

As you probably know by now I love bath products. I now have a new item to add to my daily routine and its something I have never tried before, its Yves Rocher ( a Quebec company) Hamamelis maxi super-soft  shower gel. This is Tina’s favorite and she raved about it at breakfast so I am excited to try it out and it smells so good. 

I also got a bunch of Publisher Weekly magazines. I love reading them.

Tina also gave me these bath balls which I orginally forgot to put in the above picture because I have it added to my box of items I want to use this month.

Tina, thank you so very much for your gift and I can’t wait to use the bath stuff.  Hopefully I will be seeing you sooner rather the later.

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