Countdown to Christmas Day 1 Off to a good start

Today officially starts the countdown to Christmas. Are you ready?

We started the day with the opening of our advent calendars. Its also so much fun because you never know what you are going to get inside them.

For the past several years Michael gets his favorite Advent calendar every year.

His Advent calendar in case you didn’t know is the Lego City. He loves being able to open a new door each day to find out what hidden treasure is inside. Today’s toy is this little mini figure.

This year I added something new to my Advent calendar along with my Lindt Advent calendar. Its the David’s tea 24 days of tea. I missed out on this last yeat so when I heard they were out I quickly ran to my local David’s tea to pick it up.

Just like the chocolates every day you get to sample a different kind of tea and I believe in each of the tin cups there is enough for at least 3-4 cups. (I could be mistaken but there is quite a bit in the tin.)

When you open the box you literally have no idea what kind of tea you will open. When I pulled the tab all I could see is that it was a black tea. Hmm I was intrigued so I couldn’t wait to pop it out. As you can tell I have Organic Buttered Rum.

This is one I have never tried before so I was excited. I love the smell of it. Below is the description I got from .


Yo ho ho-conut Hot buttered rum is so delicious we want it all day long. Unfortunately, most employers frown on workplace drunkenness, so we came up with this rich and creamy alternative. Toasted coconut and vanilla beans mingle with black tea in a caramelized caress of flavours. Decadent hot or iced, it also blends perfectly with dark rum, brown sugar and a dash of milk – so go ahead and indulge your inner pirate, off the clock. (MK Kosher)

I really enjoyed this tea and the flavor of it. Normally I don’t drink alot of herbal teas because I have to have my milk and sugar in it so its nice to step outside my comfort zone and try something different. The only thing I did when I made it was I put a little bit of sugar in it and one ice cube to cool it down a bit.

I recieved this glass cup from a friend and I am so happy that I am able to use it finally. I love that there is a little strainer on the cup to hold back the leaves so you can enjoy it. I am thrilled that there is enough tea to have a second or third cup after the holidays.

I also love that you can do other things with this tea like they said above in the description. I will definetly try the brown sugar with some milk.

Now its time to share with you the mocktail I made tonight. You might remember yesterday I told you about a lady I know from a Facebook group I am a part of had written this book Mocktails & More.

When I heard about it I quickly bought an ecopy of it and I spent quite a bit of time going through it trying to figure out what I was going to make first.

I was thinking do I just follow the recipes in order or should I “mix it” up? I figured that I would “mix it up” only because I told Julie that I was going to do this as a countdown to Christmas. So as a surprise to her she won’t know what mocktail I am going to make until the day.

There are so many great recipes to choose from so I went with the ones I actually had the stuff in the house for because I don’t do groceries until Monday and I planned the week out and will buy the items I need for those then.

So today’s mocktail is Eggnog. It was super easy and I had all the ingredients on hand. The only thing I did was cut the recipe in half because no one here likes eggnog and I wasn’t sure if it would keep in the fridge for long.

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