Spending Time with a Friend and Shopping (Epic Haul) Part 1

Before I get into my meet up with a local blogger (you will find out who it was in a few minutes) I thought I would share with you the things I bought before meeting up with her.

I recently went into the Dollarama to purchase a few things and made my way up the health and beauty aisle and I noticed they had a few new things such as the 5 pack of Algemarin foam bath packs (I got this in one of the beauty boxes and really liked it and picked it up), this peel off mask (its been awhile since I have done a mask so I thought I would try this) and the last thing is the Gum stimulator. I needed a new one and this has been my favorite one
I also made my way to Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart) to check to see if they had the Benefit lip glosses out yet. This is part of their holiday promotion and was told they can sell out pretty fast so I was happy to see that they did have it.
I also picked up those two bath/shower puffs because the last ones I bought were terrible and nothing is worse then having a crappy puffy.
I am loving the Bourjois Paris make up line (Thanks Lucy for introducing me to it) and figured I would add this Correcting Concealer (Radiance & Anti-fatigue) to my routine its in the shade 51 light radiance.

I was thrilled to see the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in the shade 905 Red-y Response. I loved my purple shade and was looking for something for the holidays and I think this is it.

I noticed this in the bargain section and its the Nailene Espressions nail art gellies and thought it would be fun to use when I just wanted a different look to my nails.
Another item I am loving is the La Roche Possey skin care line and I spotted the kit for only $5 and thought I would start adding the sensitive items to my face now that its cleared up.
Since I paid for these items at the beauty counter I got two perfume samples, Skull and Roses by Ed Hardy. One is eau de parfum and the other is  eau de toilette. I love those spritzer bottles and wished more perfume samples would come like that. Don’t you?
These are the shades. I love Benefit products and the lip glosses were something I have been wanting to try so now I can. Has anyone else tried any of these shades? Which should I try first?
This is what the gellies look like. I have never used anything like this before so I am curious to see how they will look. Has anyone else used these before?
Finally to the reason of this post. This meet up has been a long time planning (mainly because of school and work) and I can’t believe how long its been since I last saw her, The blogger/friend in question is Lucy from Moonlight Gleam
I realized while we were in my car that we didn’t take a picture at the restaurant so we quickly snapped one in the car. (This was after numerous attempts) We both liked this one the best.
If you haven’t checked out Lucy’s blog Moonlight Gleam’s and her newest blog Simply Blushed you should definitely check them out.
Once again we forgot to take pictures of our food so this is when I was almost done my waffle with fresh fruit. It was really good.
After breakfast we decided to head over to the mall which was next door to do some shopping. Which was a planned event.
The first place we hit was Bath & Body Works.We both had a coupon for there and it was spend $10 and you got a free signature collection item. So I picked up these mini candles (2 for $5) in the scents of Hot Buttered Rum and White Barn No.1 nutmeg and spice. These two scents smell delicious. The free signature item is the Winter Candy Apple shower gel. I also grabbed these two mini candle holders. ($3 each).
 The next place we went into was Sephora. I have only been there a few times and this time it was actually nice to go into the store with a person who knows their make up. Lucy mentioned picking this up when she was in Vegas this year and there was actually a few things from this that I have been wanting to try so I picked it up. Its the Give Me Some Lip lip sampler. I also got a Clarins daily energizer cream gel sample (5ml).
I love the whole packaging of this.
Inside (top) Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment (I have been eyeing this the times I have gone in but never could commit to purchasing it).
From left to right:
Sephora Glossy Gloss in Precious Pink, Bite Beauty in Vintage, Laura Mercier in Baby Doll, Hourglass in the Child (I love the packaging of this lip gloss) and Tarte  in Hope. This has a peppermint smell to it and its matte lip tint.
Our last planned stop was Lush. I planned on buying a bath bomb but as you can see I walked out with a little more then that.
Father Christmas bath bomb (This is the one you’ll want to use on cold, dark winter nights to relax in the tub. Spicy clove bud oil, vanilla absolute and a dash of brandy combine to comfort and warm your skin and mind. A dash of red glitter lights up on the water, the shell melts away, and that’s when you discover the inside of the bomb is bright green. How festive!) and the other bath bomb is So White (Our favorite fizzer returns with a fresh makeover! This year we were inspired by Holi, a traditional Indian festival in which people throw colored powders at one another to celebrate the end of winter. With this in mind, we redesigned So White to be thrown into your tub just like a snowball. Once in water, So White dissolves to reveal a bright pink center and an enticing appley fragrance. Our inventors brewed up a soft, fruity and floral scent with an enchanting blend of bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute, for bathing happily ever after.)
In the black tub (charity Pot)  is a hand and body lotion and 100% of the sale is going to Kids with a Hope. I thought this was a worth while cause. http://kidswithahope.com/ and I found out at the cash that if you keep these pots you can redeem 5 of them for a free mask. This is Lucy’s favorite mask. Since this only $5 and the proceeds are going to a cause I think I might go back and purchase some more.

This last stop at Yves Rocher was not planned but when we walked by on our way to Starbucks for coffee I saw the front window and had to go in. If you know me, you know my love of apple scented items. I picked up some of the items in the Apple Delight line such as Fizzy Bath cube, 2x 50ml bath & shower gel, 20ml eau de toilette and 100g soap. I love this.

So I decided to break up this post because other wise it will be loaded with photos. Part two will be the goodies I got from Lucy. Lucy was totally awesome with the goodies she gave me. So stayed tuned for that.


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