Mini Make Up & Nail Polish Haul

I was recently out with a friend and we did a little shopping. Its nice that I have an electic bunch of friends but it can sometimes be bad on a budget since it seems like I am on a book buying ban and I have been replacing that with make up and beauty products.

So anyways I thought I would share with you what little goodies I picked up.

Wet & Wild nail color. I love both shades alot and they will be perfect for the summer. They are in the shades of Bijou Blue (it looks like a bright shade but its not overly bright) and the other one is Lavender Pearlescent (this one also isn’t very bright)
Essie’s Trophy Wife. I saw a swatch of this in store and for some reason it appeared darker then when I did it at home. Perhaps if I put a few more coats on it will be darker but I really like that shade.
My friend was joking about these polishes because she knows that I have been longing for a NYC trip and May just won’t come fast enough so I grabbed these two and I’m not sure what the regular price is but they were under $2 each so I went ahead and grabbed them. As you can see the first one is in the shade of Empire State Blue (there is some green hues to it and the color isn’t very dark) and the other is a top coat with sparkles and its in the shade of Big City Dazzle. This would work with all the polishes I bought.
Finally the last thing I picked up with this FIT Me pressed powder is Classic Ivory because I have been told you should put a pressed powder over your face to seal your make up so I figured I would try this one out to see if I liked it and its by Maybelline.
Are you a big make up person? What are your go to products? What about nail polishes?
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