Proud Owner of….. #2

As you probably know from reading my blog you know how I love Vera Bradley and her products. I am always stalking checking out to scope out the newest additions and sales.

Thankfully here in Montreal we don’t have a Vera Bradley store/retailer and the closest one to me would be in Upper New York State and Vermont or else I would be at those retailers all the time.

Recently we had a quick get away to Vermont for a weekend. After we did some sight seeing and hiking we decided to do a little bit of shopping. You don’t have to twist my arm for that. As we were walking in the mall I happened to see a Vera Bradley display set up in a window of a Hallmark store. I was thrilled because I actually saw the Hipster Bag I have been eyeing, sadly they didn’t have the black one that I wanted.

So I decided to look around and hoped to find a wallet but didn’t find out that I really liked or they didn’t have the color I wanted or the price I really wanted to pay. Until I stumbled upon this:

Its called Pocket Zip ID . “Simple and easy does it! The hinged ring clips to a purse strap, keyring or belt loop with ease for quick access to bare essentials. A front snap flap pocket can hold lip gloss or quick beauty aids, as well.”

I love how elegant and simple this little pouch is. Its black and quilted. I think the silver tag on the puch is perfect to make the pouch pop a little bit.

The clear plastic pouch on the back hold your id and no worries of loosing it since you insert it from inside the zipper. You can put anything in there that you want and I ended up going with Michael’s picture from his First Communion.

There is a front puch and its a perfect size to put money, a house key and so much more. I more the likely would use it to put money there when I go to the bank LOL

It was only when I was putting my cards and such in this that I noticed that inside the bag is marked with Vera Bradley. It looks stitched on but its not and I think this is a really nice touch to show that it is indeed an original and not a knock off.

I am so happy with this new little edition to my collection and it will match perfectly when I get the hipster (hopefully soon)

One of the things I love about this is that its nice enough to use on its own if you need to make a quick trip and don’t want to lug a purse which I have done on several occassions since getting this. Plus its nice to have something that no one else has and a few people have commented on it when I have been out.

Do you have a cute little wallet that you use all the time?

*Please note  was on no way compensate for this review. I purchased this product with my own money.  *

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