Meeting up with a blogger

On Saturday I finally got to meet up with Tina from the blog Bookshipper and it was hard to believe that we hadn’t seen each other since coming back from NYC/BEA in June and hoping with the fall that we can get back on track with our monthly meet ups again.

I met Tina at our regular little breakfast place and we feasted on this:

I love having breakfast at this little place. Good food and its a decent price. I am usually quite full afterwards.

During our meal we talked about books, requests, blogs, possiblity of going back to NYC/BEA in May and real life.  I always find in some way, Tina and I have alot in common. Which I think is great.

This time before we ate we made it a point to grab a new photo to add to our posts since its been a long time.

Tina took the picture and after numerous attempts we finally got this one.
Of course no meet up would be complete without an exchange of some kind, (be sure to stalk check out Tina’s blog to see what she got from me) but this is what Tina passed on to me:

~Best Health (summer issue)
~Best Health (September issue)

For Michael:
~#13 R.L. Stine Rotten School Got Cake?
~#15 R.L Stine Rotten School  Dumb Clucks
~#16 R.L Stine Rotten School  Calling all bird brains

Thanks Tina for passing along the magazines, I love reading them and thanks for the books for Michael. I am sure he will enjoy reading them.

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