This Time Last Week (Day 4 of NYC Trip and Day 2 of BEA)

Its hard to believe that this was day four of my trip and the second day of BEA.

I was super excited for today because it was the Children’s Author Breakfast at BEA and its been one of the breakfasts that I always attend. This year I think they changed things up a bit by offering the standard $25 tickets (basic seating and no breakfast), a $45 ticket for breakfast(which I feel isn’t really worth the money) and then they offered a $95 which got you much closer to the stage I believe, the same kind of breakfast as the $45 and all three books.

I noticed a huge change right away. It seemed like every other chair had a tote bag, (which apparently after speaking with Little Brown because the tote bag was to go with Chris’s book, there was suppose to be tote bags on all the chairs. So not sure if someone was taking them or what) a poster and two books in the past you always got a book from each of the authors who were speaking (their newest book that is coming out or is out). So I was a little bummed that I didn’t get Lois Lowery’s book, Son.

I made it a point to sit where a tote bag was along with Chris Colfer’s book and John Green’s as that was on my wishlist to read.

I love this breakfast and I loved Chris’s talk. It was nice to hear that he as literally been working on this book since he was 10 years old.  He also brought pictures of his drawings (from when he was 10) and the illustrator’s version of them.

Chris’s cover version
Illustrated by Brandon Dorman

I am so excited to read this book. It sounds so good.

I love the banter between Chris and John Green. Who Chris referred to as the Justin Bieber of the literary world.

I ended up sneaking out a little earlier because there was some awesome things happening at 9am that I wanted to get. Then I quickly made my way to Little Brown to get in the “UN-official” line for Chris ‘s signing and I am happy I got in line when I did because they were limiting it to only 200 and I was #52.

This is Chris signing my book and I was telling him that he did a fantastic job with hosting and that I loved his John Green comment and he laughed when he saw my badge and asked if I was a Bieber fan. Of course I can proudly say I am not. But he is just as cute in person and I was super excited to had the chance to briefly speak with him.

The day was pretty much a blur with running all over the Javitis. I managed to be walking around and stumbled upon:

Here is Stacy London signing a blad of her upcoming book. She is just as pretty in person as she is on What Not to Wear.

This is taken when I told her that I met Clinton Kelly in  2010 and the same book event and seeing her there I had to stop and get her book signed. She has the most amazing pink high heeled shoes on.

One final thing I had to do before leaving Javitis that day was:

Go and see Jeff Kinney author of the Diary of a Wimpy kid books. Michael has just started reading them so I knew I had to stop and get a calendar signed for him. Which he loved.

Books from Day 2

When I left Javitis I headed back to the hotel for a quick rest and to freshen up because I was going to be meeting Tina for dinner. We have been planning this since we knew we were going to BEA.

We love this place. I had the pumkin pasta salad. It was so good. We ate at this place last time and said we would do it again.

So this is a wrap on day 2. Hope you enjoy it.

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