(Armchair BEA) Getting to Know Me

This year Arm Chair BEA has done something different. In the previous two years bloggers got to interview other bloggers. Which is always fun because you get to meet another blogger. This year they are actually doing something very different and it sounds like so much fun, instead of interviewing another blogger Armchair BEA is asking us to interview ourselves and then head back to Armchair BEA’s site to leave our link and apparently I guess if a blogger leaves the most comments on blogs they could have a chance to win an awesome prize. How awesome is that?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

Hi everyone, my name is Cindy and I am a Canadian blogger. I have been blogging since August of 2008. So that is almost 4 years of blogging. I have always been a heavy reader and reading all the time and I wanted a place to record my thoughts on books for further reference.

What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?

At the time of writing this (May 23rd) I am currently reading Abandon by Meg Cabot and I hate to admit this but I am also reading and pretty much devouring the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Thanks to Rachel at ParaJunkee who is doing a read a long for the first book. Her recap on the chapters is so funny and it pretty much hooked me in. So thanks Rachel LOL.

Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.

Hmm, one non-book-related thing that anyone reading my blog might not know about me? Hmm that is a good one and as you can see I am stumbling a bit on this. I guess one thing would be that when the warmer weather hits I am    constantly at Tim Hortons odering an Ice Cap for myself. I love ice caps and its a perfect cold coffee drink in the summer.

What is your favorite feature on your blog (i.e. author interviews, memes, something specific to your blog)?

My favorite feature on my blog that is my all time favorite has to be author interviews. I always try to think of something orginal to ask the authors to make it different from other blogs. I also love doing my beauty box posts because even though I am very much about the books I also enjoy make up and stuff.

Where do you see your blog in five years?

I hope that I am still blogging then and if I am I would love to see it still covering books and beauty stuff. Hopefully by then since Michael will be 14 years old he will be helping me out and doing some reviews and such. I am also hoping that I will have more events covered on my blog.

Which is your favorite post that you have written that you want everyone to read?

HEHE, can I say this one? I have been trying to think what my all time favorite post has been and really I have liked them all. I love writing book reviews, sharing guest posts and author interviews and everything else book related.

If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?

If I could have dinner with any author it would have to be Lesley Livingston because the day that I got to meet her she was so funny and I think it would be a blast to sit down and chat with her because I am sure I would be laughing the whole time.

What literary location would you most like to visit? Why?

For me when I think of location I can’t  help but think of New York City just because so many publishing houses are there. I love NYC and have been twice already and I love it. So much to see and do there. I always have a blast when I am there.

What is your favorite part about the book blogging community? Is there anything that you would like to see change in the coming years?

My favorite part of the book blogging community is the friends you make both online and in real life. I have met so many people in real life that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I discovered that some many bloggers will go out of their way to help you out (you know who you are).

As for changes I really think that we should be helping each other out more. If someone contacts you about something reach out and help them out. I have had some awesome bloggers offering advise to me when I would reach out and encountered so many bloggers who wouldn’t help out. I mean we were all newbies in the beginning and had no idea what we were doing so being able to help someone out is a good thing. Its all about the Karma. I think this is why I am so willing to help people out because I know what its like to reach out and get turned down.

Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?

Oh yea my reading tastes have changed a great deal since I have been blogging. I hate to say that I was very narrow in what I would read and it was mainly James Patterson, V.C Andrews, Jodi Picoult, etc but since blogging I have expanded my genre of reading. I have been reading alot more young adult and paranormal. I think this is one of the best things about blogging because I have given so many books a try that I honestly probably wouldn’t have read on my own.

Thank you Armchair BEA for organizing this I had so much fun answering these questions.

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