Middle of the Week Meet Up

This morning I was lucky enough to meet up with Tina from the blog Bookshipper for breakfast.

Its hard to believe that the last time I saw Tina was in March. Oh BTW Tina, you were right I do owe you that comic book. I found it after the fact so it was indeed two months since we last met up.

We really wanted to meet up this week to talk about our plans for BEA and everything BEA and NYC related along with other things that were and are happening in our lives.

Tina will be leaving before me and I will be leaving the Sunday the 3rd and heading to NYC on the train so it was a must that we meet up to talk about the event since we really wouldn’t have gotten the chance to do so.

Tina is very much like me and wanting a plan of what is going on. Before we got into BEA we enjoyed our breakfast. I went for my usual of french toast with fruit and it was so good. I really enjoy the restaurant we go to because its cheap and filling. Granted its starting to get busier now then when we first started going. Gee its seems like we are bringing business to these places LOL

So after the table was cleared up we did a quick exchange.

Tina offered me some freebies such as a  pack of Finish dishwashing detergent and a mereadesso face+ neck toning gel. I also got some books from her Just Flirt by Laura Bowers, Intentions by Deborah Heiligman and underworld by Meg Cabot (which I will be reading and reviewing for her) Thanks so much Tina.

So once we got that done we dug into our BEA planning.

As you can see I have it all organized. I have print outs of author signings, all kinds of maps, my BEA registation emails, after BEA invites and some notes that I was making of things to do and planning the week in NYC. Buried in those papers is a list of books that I am hoping to get at BEA.

Is anyone else this organized? I am hoping to make a dent in the author signings and I know the last time I went to BEA I said I wasn’t going to spend all my time in the signings but when I saw the list of great authors coming I had no choice but to print them out.

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