An Afternoon with Sarah Mlynowski

Today was the day I got to meet a local author (although she currently lives in NYC with her husband, adorable little girl and a baby on the way, would you still consider that a local author? ), Sarah Mlynowski.

If you remember I recently posted that I would be attending this signing & reading. I was super excited to go and was counting the days because before hand I was going to be meeting up with Lucy (that is a post to come).

When we got to Chapters they were still sort of setting up so we walked around and I managed to buy the Manhattan Magic series of Sarah’s. I had her other books.

It was a small turn out but nice just the same. Sarah spoke about her newest book Whatever After. She read a section of the book and it sounds super cute. I think this will be a hit with the younger kids. So far this series is only four books with a new one coming out every 6 months.

After she read Whatever After, Sarah took questions from the audience and she answered all kinds of questions from all her books. She mainly talked about her young adult books and I guess you could call the others middle grade books. She spoke briefly on her adult titles.

One thing I loved about the discussion was when she was talking about what was behind Whatever After. When she was little her mom would tell her stories about “Once a upon a time….” and she said that her mother would write it out and she would illustrate it and she actually had two of them with her and they are too cute. She has tons of stuff like that in her apartment in NY and she said whenever she needs inspiration she opens a box.

I have to admit Michael is a big fan of making books and I have kept them all because you never know and honestly after hearing Sarah speak about it now I know I have to keep Michael’s.

So as we were sitting waiting for the event to start I had to take this picture of all her books. I was happy to see that Chapter had so many of her books and I was super excited to find out that I was the first person who had the Magic in Manhattan book signed. Its a bind up of the first two books Bras & Broomsticks and  Frogs & French Kisses.

I love the book marks that Sarah was giving out and I actually owned Gimme a Call and Whatever After so I brought them to get signed and ended up buying Magic in Manhattan, Spells & Sleeping Bags and Parties & Potions. Sarah graciously signed a label for me because I have her book Ten things but I think I packed it away so when I unbox it I will put it in.

These are the signed books. I love that she signed one of the books about having fun in Manhattan.

I have included both pics of Sarah and myself cause I like them both. She was gracious enough to pose for numerous pictures with us.

I was also happy to see Laura who is another blogger from Montreal. She came with her two kids who I think enjoyed the event.

I want to thank Sarah for coming to Montreal, especially Pointe Claire (which is so much easier to get to for me considering all that is going on in the city with construction and student protests) and thanks to Scholastic books for arranging this. Also I want to thank Nikole for letting us know Sarah would be coming.

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