(Review) The Smiley Book of Colors

Title: The Smiley Book of Colors

Author: Ruth Kaiser
Pub Date: March 2012
Publisher: Random House (Golden Books)
Pages: 32

Source: I received a copy of this book for my participation in the WOW tour.

About the book:
The Smiley Book of Colors contains verse written to get parents talking to their children about optimism, specifically about choosing happiness. The photo illustrations–arranged by color–are “Smileys” found hidden in fire trucks, flowers, clouds, even mommy’s latte. Although it is a children’s picture book, A Smiley Book of Colors is really for anyone who needs a burst of happiness in their day.

When I saw this book being advertised in an WOW email that I got I knew I wanted to read and review this for Cindy’s Love of Books. I knew my son would love this.

This book was super cute and I am sure it would delight the young and the old. Looking through this book you can’t help but smile.

I loved as soon as you opened the book you saw a bunch of photos and you basically had to guess what they were and funny enough what I thought they were, they weren’t. The answers were on the back and once you saw them you were like “yea that’s right”

The colors of the photos are very vivid and eye popping.

I loved that there was a little theme to the book and one that was quickly picked up by my son and that was to smile and look around you because one smile leads to another and that they are all around us if we just look we will see it.

The book is told in verse and its easy to read that I am sure kids will be reading it on their own. Michael read the book on his own with no problem. Plus there is smiley pictures to accompany the colored verse.

Thanks so much WOW for hosting the tour and to the author for sending me the book and stopping by for a Q&A with me today.

I will definitely be looking for copies of this book to share with the school and friends.

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