(Mini Challenge) Women of the Other World Series #1

I have to admit that I pretty much have been sucking at this challenge but I am hoping to redem myself shortly.

In case you aren’t aware of this Lucy from Moomlight Gleam’s Bookshelf is hosting this awesome reading challenge. If you are interested to checking it out click above.

I am currently taking part in the mini Challenge for this month. For more info you can check that out here.

So as part of my challenge this month I have to show pictures of all the Kelley Armstrong books I currently own. So here you are:

The Summoning, The Awakening and the Reckoning are the first three books in Kelley’s Darkest Powers Series. This was my first introduction to Kelley’s books. I had to dig to get these out of box that I had packed down in my basement and it was a good thing because I need to get The Reckoning signed when Kelley comes to town in Sept.

This is Kelley’s newest series called Darkest Rising and I have both books The Gathering and The Calling. I have yet to read them and hoping to very soon. I love the covers.

These will also be signed when I see Kelley in September.

This is a bunch of books that Kelley has short stories in:
-The Living Dead 2
-Kisses from Hell
-Hellbound Hearts
-Vampires The Recent Undead
-My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

I also have Kelley’s books Women of the Other World Series but they are all on my kobo and for some reason my camera won’t take a proper picture.

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