A Super Proud Mom

If  you are a friend on my facebook page, you know by now that I am a hockey mom. I have to admit at times I honestly thought that they were expecting alot out of the kids. When Michael was initially signed up I figured since they were 7-8-9 year olds that we would have practices on the weekend and games here and there, well low and behold that wasn’t the case.

Reality quickly set in when we had weekend practices and 7am (yes you read that right) and before long there was 4pm practices during the week. Thankfully I am a stay at home mom so after school practices were never an issue.

If you are a facebook friend you will know that I kept everyone up to date on the games (I apologize for those who might have gotten annoyed with my constant updates) and I am proud to say that Michael’s team played 18 games (won 14, lost 2 and tied 2) this past season. That is a huge accomplishment considering half the team are brand new players having not played before this year and Michael is included in this.

They played amazing and they ended up not only being number one in our city (our little town we live in) but number one in the whole Novice C under our hockey league. In doing so that qualified us to play in regionals. They made it all the way to semi finals before loosing (and they took it really hard), and they made it all the way to the play offs coming in second.

This past month we took part in a tournament and we were hoping that we could end the season with a bang. We won both the games so that brought us to the finals and guess what?

They won the tournament so they went out with a bang.

Michael was also the Assistant Captain in this game. A roll he has played before. What was nice was that no one was always a captain or the assistant. All the kids had a turn being in each position.

Michael ended the season with 5 goals total and I am not sure how many assists he got and will only find that out on April 28th at the team party. He played amazing. I am super proud of him and yes I was even crying today.

Way to go Kings!

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