(Review & Tour) Losing Clementine

Today I am honored to be a part of the blog tour for Losing Clementine by Ashley Ream. Thanks to William Morrow for contacting me and allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: Losing Clementine
Author: Ashley Ream
Pub Date: March 2012
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Pages: 320

Source: I received a finish copy of the book for my participation in the book tour. This is an honest and sincere review.

About The Book:
In thirty days Clementine Pritchard will be finished with her last painting and her life.

World-renowned artist and sharp-tongued wit Clementine Pritchard has decided that she’s done. After flushing away a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, she gives herself thirty days to tie up loose ends—finish one last painting, make nice with her ex-husband, and find a home for her cat. Clementine plans to spend the month she has left in a swirl of art-world parties, manic work sessions, and outrageous acts—but what she doesn’t expect is to uncover secrets surrounding the tragedy that befell her mother and sister. In an ending no one sees coming, will we lose Clementine or will we find her?

A bold debut from an exciting new voice, Losing Clementine is a wonderfully entertaining and poignant novel about unanticipated self-discovery that features one of the most irresistible, if deeply flawed, characters to grace contemporary fiction in years.


This is Ashley Ream’s debut novel and wow I really enjoyed it. It was actually nice to step away from young adult books for this one. When I got contacted about the book I knew I wanted to read it because it sounded so good.

Clementine Pritchard, is an artist who is extremely depressed and has decided that she is fed up with living her life always on all kinds of medications and has decided that in 30 days she will kill  herself. She starts by dumping all her medications down the toilet, firing her assistant (who is basically there to babysit her) and slowly getting rid of her worthily possessions.

Clementine has no idea how she is going to do it yet but has given herself 30 days to figure this out. Although one thing is clear in her mind she is going to do it in a nice clean easy way unlike that of her mother and sister.

The book is told in a day to day format. You can see in each day that she is trying to tie up any loose ends because she wants it to be her way and not have anyone worry about arranging it all. She knows what she is doing each and every step from buying a plot, to the casket, making sure her beloved cat Chuckles is cared for in a loving home to even tracking down her long lost father who abandoned the family when she was a young girl.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was reading the book but I have to say I was surprised. I would laugh, cry and feel for Clementine. I am sure its a day to day struggle with depression and any mental illness and I am sure there is a point when you feel enough is enough and this is exactly how Clementine felt so you couldn’t help but feel for here.

As you read the book you are constantly wondering if she will do it or will something or someone stop her?

I was really impressed with the book and I am looking forward to other books by Ashley.

Thanks William Morrow for the book and allowing me to be on the tour.

Ashley Ream got her first job at a newspaper when she was 16. After working in newsrooms across Missouri, Florida and Texas, she gave up the deadlines to pursue fiction. She lives in Los Angeles where she works at a nonprofit and is finishing her next novel.

To find out more about Ashley Ream visit her by clicking on this.

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