BBRAW 2012 Lets get this started shall we

This is the first day of BBRAW (Book Blogger Reader Appreciation Week) and the lovely host for hopefully a yearly event is Reagan (Miss Remmers’ Reviews). If you haven’t checked out her blog you really should.

So todays task is:

Introduce yourself for new readers that will be stopping by. Take today to explain what BBRAW means to you. This is the ideal time to thank your readers for their comments, support, and post a giveaway if you plan on having one. Remember, as BBRAW is supposed to celebrate readers, requiring a “follow” for the giveaway would be in relatively poor taste.

Hi Everyone. My name is Cindy and this is my blog. I have been blogging since August 27, 2008 (wow I find that hard to believe because at times I feel as though I have just started blogging.)

I actually stumbled upon blogging by accident early that summer and thought about it alot and I have always been a huge reader but just never documented what I read or what I thought so I figured why not start a blog for myself.

I was pretty lucky because that first day I started posting reviews on my blog, I had posted a bunch of reviews of books I had currently read, I got my very first comment and it was from a blogger a few days later. I was thrilled. I was like a kid in a candy store given carte blanc to buy anything you wanted because someone I didn’t know had actually stopped by my blog to read my review. That person was Alea. I love hearing from my readers because knowing that someone has taken the time out of their day to read my blog means the world to me.

I still get very excited when I go into my emails and see the someone has left a comment on a post I made or retweet of soemthing I posted. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that my little blog would be what it is today and I have you my readers to thank for that. You are the reason I love to blog and share my thoughts with.

So I want to thank you for making Cindy’s Love of Books what it is today. I truly appreciate it.

So in honor of that my readers I am offering a little give away to you and that is I am hosting a giveaway. The prize is going to be a $10 book depository gift card for any book you want (in that price range) and a little goodie bag of stuff that I will personally send you. (The book will be shipped from the BD)

So all you have to do is leave me a comment and your mailing address to enter. Good Luck Everyone.

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