BBRAW 2012 Blogs that attract me

Wow can you believe its already the middle of the week? BBRAW is almost over. Are you having fun and enjoying these posts? Well today’s task is:

Today I have two spectacular choices for you! You could do a reader interview with a reader of your choice OR (if you’re not the interview type) you could highlight a blog that you enjoy reading. What is it about this blog that you enjoy, what is it about the reviews, the blogger, the style, the look, etc? If you don’t feel comfortable highlighting one blog, be general in regards to a few blogs you enjoy and what you enjoy about them.

When I saw this last week I have every intention of doing an interview but things came up and that didn’t happen.

So instead I am going to talk about what kind of blogs I enjoy reading. I hate pin pointing specific bloggers because I know what it feels like when certain blogs are mentioned and yours aren’t. You always wonder what makes their blog more special then mine.

Personally for me what draws me to a blog is the over all look and organization. Its got to be easy to read and navigate. I personally don’t like dark backgrounds because I find it very hard on my eyes so those I tend to read on my google reader.

My second thing that I love about blogs is the review. I love knowing what the reader thinks and I tend to shy away from little mini blurbs of the book that don’t really tell me what the reader thought of the book. Knowing what the reader thinks and feels about the book means alot and that is usually the selling point for me.

I think as bloggers we need to stand out a little from the pack and I think if you can find something that makes you stand out that is what I am drawn to. Sometimes bigger is not always better. There are so many little hidden gems out there that no one really knows about and if you are one of them please leave a comment with your link cause I am always on the hunt for new bloggers.

What is it about a blog that draws you in and keeps you going back?

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