BBRAW 2012 Amazing Moments

Today commemorate a specific reader or moment in your blogging career that has made a significant difference in your IRL or blogging life. It might be that first comment you ever received, the first follower, the first interaction with a reader of your blog on Twitter, the first time an author commented on a review, etc

When Reagan posted this topic last week on her blog so that we could kind of prepare our posts in advance I had to sit back and really think about this.

For me getting those first few comments from bloggers I didn’t know made the world of difference to me because I honestly never thought that any one would take the time of their lives to read what I had to say.

Then when authors started to comment on my posts I was estatic and blown away that they would take the time out to let me know they read my review. I am always nervous when I attend author events or even meeting an author because to me authors are like rock stars. I still get excited when I see an author comment or wanting to take the time to do a guest post or Q&A with me. I mean I am no one special but when they do I realize that hey I am special. It makes me appreciate the authors that much more because its really the authors that have made us. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here. So thank you authors for writing all those great books that we read.

I have so many moments that have made such differences in my life and those have all revolved around meeting bloggers IRL (in real life) and being with them either at author events or attending booking events. Book bloggers are the best people you can hang out with because they know exactly what you are going through and they share the same passion as you, a love of books and they totally understand you when you email and gush over something book related.

So please keep those comments coming I love hearing from you.

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