January Julep Box

Today I got my very first Julep box and I have to say WOW! I was really impressed.

What is Julep you asked? Well as a Julep Maven, you will have access to the hottest trends in nail color and the latest Mani Care and Pedi Care products – delivered right to your doorstep, just like the beauty editors do. And you’ll have access to these trends and products before anyone else.

Its $19.99 US per month subscription but you get well over $40 in products. You can cancel at anytime risk free.

So please enjoy my vlog and just a little note to those who don’t want to watch I have photos afterwards.

In the January box I got:
-Julep nail vernis in the shade of Gayle (I think this might no be available as I couldn’t find it on their site.) This was a free gift/product and it cost $14 for 8ml.
-Julep nail vernis in the shade of Maria. Its a shimmering platinum rose. I love the color and I will be using this alot I think. It cost $14 for 8ml.
-Julep nail vernis in the shade of Anne. Its a ultra-saturated tropical violet creme color. I think this would be perfect for the summer. It cost $14 for 8ml
-Julep Pomegranate body scrub. It exfoliates and moisturize in one simple step. I have no idea how much this would sell for. I got a 4g container.

So looking at the price of the nail polishes its $42 alone so the box paid for itself and they are all full sized products. I guess each month I have the option of changing my boxes contents so I will be curious to see what the next box will be. Not sure I will continue this since its basically nail polishes and I have quite a few already but I think I will check the next box to be sure first.

Now to the pictures. Enjoy 🙂

This is how the box looked once I opened it. Nothing fancy just a black box with Julep maven on the sides and black & silver crinkle cut paper strips inside. As you can see all the products are wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic. My box is from the American Beauty collection.

This is the shot where I took after I removed the intro card. Very curious to see what I got. Aren’t you?

This is the contents of the box and I am really impressed with the picture because it really shows the true colors of the nail polishes. My favorites so far by shades alone is the first and last one.

A close up of the shades and here is a description on the second and third ones. I can’t find anything on the first one (top one).

Shimmering platinum rose. Feminine and sophisticated. Professional quality “4-free” nail polish formulation, developed without carcinogens such as formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP. (this is the bottom one)

Ultra-saturated violet. A tribute to one of our beautiful celebrity guests! Eye-catching on a pedicure and head-turning on a manicure–especially if your wardrobe is heavy on blacks and neutrals. Professional quality “4-free” nail polish formulation, developed without carcinogens such as formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP. (this is the middle shade)

This is the body scrub. I am excited to use this product and it actually looks really nice and pleasantly looking.

So as of right now I am really impressed with the box and the contents. I am super excited to try all the nail polishes and I heard that this nail polish actually lasts quite awhile so I am curious to see this.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my box and stayed tuned throughout the month when I do product reviews on them.

If you are interested in Julep I would appreciate it if you used my referral link.

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