Loose Buttons/Luxe Box My thoughts on the December box

 Recently I got my Luxe Box for December and I have had the chance to try out all my products so I thought that I would share my thoughts on them.

I thought that the design on the holiday card was really cute and I loved the different snow flakes that were on the card. It was super cute/

The first product that I was super excited to try was the Yves Rocher Italian Mandarin shower Gel.

Bask in beauty this holiday with the limited edition Les Plaisirs Nature Italian Mandarin collection. Fall in love with this irresistibly indulgent body wash and envelop yourself in its delicate and delicious citrus-scented lather.

I received a sample of 50ml (sample size is $4.17) and the full size is 400ml for $12 Canadian. I love Yves Rocher bath products and being able to try a sample before buying it is really nice and I think this is a scent that I would definitely buy when I am in the store again.  I found it wasn’t a strong smell but a nice light fruity smell. A little goes a long way and it lathered really well. This is a thumbs up for me.

The second item was the limited edition Belgium chocolate which I thought was super cute because this wasn’t just a random item that was thrown in the box it was custom made and it was delicious. I had no problems opening it up and it got devoured right after I made my vlog for the box.

I didn’t use the NYX slim eye pencil because the last time I bought an eye pencil and used it I just thought it wasn’t age appropriate. I felt like I was trying to be younger then what I was so I ended up passing it on to my niece who will hopefully give me her thoughts on it.

A smooth definer for your beautiful ids, this basic eyeliner blends easily and comes in a variety of shades. A staple in every one’s make up bags, you can never go wrong with black!

I received the full size product of this and its 1g for $4.

The next item is DDF Advanced firming cream. (DDF=Doctors Dermatologic Formula)

Advanced formula contains the breakthrough Tumeric Complex, with glycerin, zinc and copper, that hydrates to firm and tighten, provides antioxidant protection for the moisture barrier, and promotes rapid surface cell turnover to help reverse the appearance of aging for younger looking skin.

I received a 14g sample that I was told is worth $41 (which is crazy) and the full size is 48g for $140. I had a hard time getting the product opened as the lid was on really tight which I guess is good because nothing leaked.

I didn’t find the directions to be very clear on what to do. It said “Apply day and/or night to face, neck and decollete. As with all facial products avoid getting into eyes.”

It went on nice and smooth with no greasy feeling and it didn’t weigh down my skin like some products do. I didn’t find the product to have a smell which is nice. This is a product that I will enjoy while I have the sample for. Sadly with the $140 price tag I won’t be buying it anytime soon.

Then finally its the Paco Rabanne perfume samples.

Lady Million
For her, a heady bouquet of voluptupous flowers underlined with patchouli and amber.

I received what was suppose to be 1.2ml sample but I think it was much less because the sample bottle was half full. This wouldn’t be a scent I would buy because I found it to be a little to strong for my liking and the price tag of $80 for 50ml is a little steep in my books.

1 Million
For him, an intense harmony of leather, white wood and amber dashed with citrus and spice.

I really enjoyed the smell of this one as I found it to be very masculine and I found it did smell good on my significant other. Although with the price tag of $58 for 50ml doesn’t appeal to him. The sample size was suppose to be 1.2ml but it was half full as well.

So, personally for me I have to say that this was my least favorite box of the month. I just found that after watching a few youtube videos and seeing what others got and what I got was a huge disappointment. I am finding that the same bloggers/reviewers always seem to get the better boxes and everyone else including me seems to have gotten the bottom of the barrel. Not sure if that has to do with the fact they paid for a year or not.

Now for the Pros and Cons:

-I got to try a new Yves Rocher product which really excites me because I love Yves Rocher and now I can add a new product to my shopping and bathroom.

-This is the third month I have gotten perfume samples and my second month for getting a Paco Rabanne samples.
-The perfume samples were only half filled and honestly I probably could have gotten them at The Bay or Sears and gotten more of a sample. These weren’t deluxe sized samples.
-The only full product I got was a $4 eyeliner. Really?
-The only deluxe sample I got would be the Yves Rocher shower gel and perhaps the DDF firming cream. On the website they say 4-5 deluxe sample sizes which didn’t happen this month.

Since its the holiday season I guess I was expecting a huge wow factor but that didn’t happen. I will try another box in January to see what its like but I am thinking if this continues I will be cancelling my subscription because they aren’t delivering what they promise and I can spend my $12 a month on something else.

I know on facebook Loose Buttons has gotten alot of complaints from people like myself who aren’t happy and I have to admit that it bothered me how much the ones who got the better boxes were leaving comments praising Loose Buttons and telling the ones who complained to unsubscribe if your not happy and that we all signed up for a sample service and this is what you get.

Do you feel as though I have a right to complain and offer my feedback or should I just say nothing and cancel? Please let me know what you think.

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