(Author Signing) Melissa de la Cruz

This week is/was Salon du Livre in Montreal and this was the one year I was super excited to go.

To describe Salon du Livre I would have to say its set up like BEA for those who have gone but its not like BEA because you don’t get any freebies, you can buy french books and some English books. (Thankfully Scholastic Canada was there with some English books)

Over the course of the five days the different publishing companies set up and showcase their books and bring in a whole bunch of authors for signings.

Some of the more well known authors are: Kathy Reichs, Catherine McKenzie, Geronimo Stilton and Melissa de la Cruz.

Yes the Melissa de la Cruz, the author of the Blue Blood series, The Ashleys series, The Au Pair series and so many other books.

I was pretty excited to hear that Melissa was coming to town and I was making plans to go and thankfully I didn’t have to go alone because Lucy from Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf said she wanted to come too so as the day was getting closer we decided to make the morning of it and planned to meet at the metro and go together to the signing and then we grabbed brunch afterwards and perhaps a little book shopping too.

I have to say it was a good thing that Lucy came because I forgot my camera at home. Yes, Ms I always carry a camera actually forgot her camera. I had downloaded some hockey pictures last night and meant to put it in my purse right after but then I got distracted and left it on my computer desk.

So thanks so much Lucy for the pictures and for sending them to me. So all the pictures enclosed in this post are from Lucy. Thank you Lucy 🙂

I met Lucy a bit later then expected at the metro and we walked over to the event and spotted the Scholastic booth on the way in and decided to stop on our way back as we really wanted to get to the signing right away. We found the booth and we were the first in line. We were greeted with I believe are all of Melissa’s Blue Blood books in french and we were admiring the french covers and how pretty they were:

I have to say that I really like the cover for Bloody Valentine.

As we were admiring the covers, Melissa comes into the booth and we recognized her right away. Melissa was super sweet and so very generous with her time with us. I had asked her before the event on twitter if she was signing just her french books and she let me know she would sign anything that was hers and jokingly said also anything that wasn’t hers. She is too funny.

Needless to say Lucy and I brought all our books that were of course written by Melissa to the signing to get signed.

I just bought Blue Bloods (because when I had picked it up to read I had borrowed it from the library) and Misguided Angel before the event and the rest of the books are what I had bought previously.

They are all signed. I am so happy.

Melissa even signed the bookmark for me. I just realized that i didn’t take the back of it. (I will add it later one) I love that it shows all her french book titles. Since I am waiting to get the other books I am missing in the Blue Blood series in the mail, Melissa graciously signed some bookplates for me so that I can add them into the missing books.

Not sure if we got these little goodies because we were first in line or what but Melissa’s french rep gave these cute little package to both Lucy and I and we were so happy and excited because we got a little goodie.

I didn’t open mine right away because I wanted to get a picture of it all wrapped up nice and neatly so I waited until I got home and this is what was inside. A Sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara and a high gloss lip balm. Thanks so much to her french rep for giving us these cute little goodies and to Melissa as well.

After the books were signed Melissa graciously posed for some pictures with us and her is mine:

Be sure to check out Lucy’s blog for her recap of the event over the next few days.

It was a blast and so nice to finally meet Melissa. Thank You Melissa for coming to Montreal. I hope the Montreal crowd welcomed you with open arms.

Thanks to Lucy for a wonderful morning of great conversations, laughs and book talk along with so much more.

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