Montreal Book Bloggers Meet Up Again

Yesterday, (October 1st, 2011) I got to meet up once again with a huge group of Montreal Book Bloggers. The last time I seen most of this group was at our last meet up this summer and this time two other bloggers joined our group.
I will start off by sharing a group shot of us. Sadly Cindy B from Tynga’s Reviews , Cat from Beyond Books and Tina from Bookshipper were unable to join us this time. We missed you guys and hopefully the next time we meet up they will be able to join us.

Those that showed up were: (front row)  Lucy from Moon Light Gleam, me, Amanda from Tales and Treats , and  Ilana from From Smiler, with love.

If you haven’t checked out their blogs you really should they are a great group of ladies.

I have to say that first off Donna and I agreed to meet up and go together and what an adventure we had. We arrived at the commuter train station and proceeded to wait for what seemed like forever only to discover that our train was MIA. It never showed up but thankfully we quickly decided to use public transit (the bus) and we didn’t have to wait very long for it to come.

Although I think of all the buses we could have taken we took the bus that did a scenic route that goes around and to the airport here. Wow I knew the airport was huge but I never realized it was that big. Once the scenic route was over we managed to finally get to the bus stop that would take us into down town Montreal.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, thankfully!!! We finally made it to our restaurant.

After the trip we had it was so nice to see the restaurant. We were lucky and had a great spot upstairs. We pretty much had the section to ourselves apart from a group of Chinese tourists behind us. I think we overwhelmed them.

So it was great to sit down and say hi to everyone and to meet the two new comers. We exchanged some books amongst everyone and I came home with a few great titles which you will find out about very soon. So not only did we talk about books (what we are currently reading etc), we talked about ereaders (there was plenty on hand such as Kobo, Kindle, Sony and an iPad) of course lately I have been having trouble with my Kobo with it being very slow to turn on and to turn pages.

Lunch was fantastic and I loved seeing the great selection of food everyone ordered. I went with what i thought would be a small meal (Chicken Cesar Salad) but it was huge and then after that Laura and I shared this yummy cheesecake called a MooMoo Cheesecake but it tasted more like a mousse and it was so good.

I just has to share with you another picture from the restaurant and it was the lighting. Isn’t that pretty? And yes that would be bottles of wine.

So after lunch was over a few of the group slowly started to leave but the rest of us hit the local Indigo (which is part of the Chapters big book chain). Once in the store we all sort of seemed to spread out. Lucy and I hit the upstairs to check out the magazines and YA section. We slowly met up with everyone else and wandered around and talked about books what we read, what was good etc. I did really good and bough only one.
It was a fantastic day and it was so nice to see everyone and I actually got a chance to talk with Melissa, Lisa, Jennifer and PK more then I did the last time we met up.

So this is the book goodies that came home with me:

In the front is a clear plastic wrap that you can put on your books (this is about the size of a trade paperback) and you can reuse it over and over to save your books) and Donna so graciously brought one for everyone. You just fit the book into the sleeves.

From Natalia I got Dark Lover (bk1) and Lover Eternal (bk 3)by J.R Ward. I have been hearing amazing things about this author from Lucy and Cindy B.

I bought Lover Awakened (bk 2) by J.R Ward at Indigo. So that when I start reading them I have the first three. I will probably be on the look out for the other books in the series.

From Jennifer I got Pale Demon by Kim Harrison. Another author I have been dying to read.

From Amanda I got An Abundance of Katherine’s.

From Lisa I got Mystify by Artist Arthur and Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon.

Thanks so much everyone for the books and I can’t wait to read them all.

It was great to see everyone once again and I can’t wait for our next meet up in November.

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