Blogiversary Week

Its hard to believe that come August 26th, Cindy’s Love of Books will be three years old.

I truly am greatful for this chance to be able to share my thoughts about books with some many awesome people. Your comments and emails have meant so much to me over the years and I truly appreciate them.

I know there have been times I felt like throwing in the towel but it would just take one person to say the most amazing thing to me or about the blog to make it worth the while and time invested into Cindy’s Love of Books.

I have so many people to thank that I really can’t put you all here but you all know who you are when I say this THANK YOU so much.

To all the amazing Reps and publishing houses who have graciously sent me books over the past three years to read and review. I have discovered so many great authors through this. Thank You so very much for thinking of me when you send the books.

To bloggers I have met online who have become the best of friends in real life. You guys are the best and I truly love meeting up with you and looking forward to another year of great friendship and great books.

To some pretty amazing authors I have gotten to know online (Kerry) we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and your books.

Thank you everyone. Words can’t express how much you truly mean to me.

So this week I have a few things planned and some great contests as well. So just remember to check back throughout the week to see what is happening.

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