(Meme) Top Ten Tuesday: 10 authors I am die to me

Occassionaly I take part in To Ten Tuesday meme that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today is one of those days that I decided to take part. The Top Ten Tuesday question is this week is: Who are the top ten authors that you’d DIE to meet?

One of the things I love about Top Ten Tuesday is that its always an interesting question and sometimes I can think of a good list and other times it leaves me thinking and that is the case today, what ten authors am I dying to me? I have been lucky to date and have met some great authors so to think of ones I haven’t met is rough.

1) Terry Spear – I discovered Terry’s book about 3 years ago and I absolutely love them and she is an awesome author to work with so I would definitely want to meet her if I had the chance.

2) Lesley Livingston – I haven’t read her Wonderous Strange series yet (but I have them) and I just started to read Once Every Never and I am enjoying it. Plus she is a Canadian author.

3) Meg Cabot – I have read all of her adult books and I am just about to start reading her YA books. I am sure I will enjoy them just as much as her other books.

4) James Patterson – I have read most of his books so getting to meet him would be exciting.

5) Maggie Steifvater – need I say more?

6) Sophie Kinsella – I loved her shopoholic series

7) Melissa de la Cruz –

8) Julie Kagawa – need i say more?

9) Lena Coakley – a new to me Canadian author and I am just about to start her debut novel.

10) Kerry Sparks – I have read her books and loved them and she is another one of those authors who its a pleasure to work with.

I didn’t realize how hard this list would be because I actually put a few names down but realized I met them last year at BEA. So what would be your top ten list?

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