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On Sunday I got to meet up with the my usual local book bloggers, Tina, Avis, Donna and Linda sadly Amanda was unable to attend because she was out of town.

It was great to see everyone as a group again because its been awhile since we have gotten together as a group. So it was nice to catch up and talk about Canada Post going back to work, Tina’s trip to the US, Donna’s trip to NYC and BEA, books, school, work etc. You name it we probably talked about it.

Sadly I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy our little tea shop as much as I use to. We have been going there from the beginning (almost 3 years now) and it seems like the service is getting much slower, although when Donna and I walked in were were pounced upon right away and it seemed like she was in a rush to get our orders, the price has gone up and the portions seem smaller. There was even one point where the girl came to the table to tell us we have to be quieter which I thought was a little surprising but yea okay. Plus she forgot to give me my second drink that I ordered.

Anyways. I did come home with a few books and I was going to wait to post them in my mailbox post on Saturday (July 2nd) but I think I will do this now (even though I am writing this on Monday I am posting it on Sunday) because the government has forced a back to work ruling and all Canada Post employees are told to go back to work today (Monday) so mail will be delivered on Tuesday. Plus I had two couriers deliver today (4 books) so I am thinking that this could be a busy book week.

Here is the books that made there way home with me:

From Linda

From Avis

-Marilou Polaire et le petit pois by Raymonde Plante
-Le Zloukch by Dominique Demers, Ill by Fanny

From Tina

The cover version that I have is not the same as the one shown here.

So those are all the great book goodies that came home with me. I am super excited to read them all very soon. Michael has already read one of the books from Avis and is starting the second one. (The french ones were for Michael).

It was great to see everyone again.

Now my next blogger meet up post will be much different because several new to me bloggers have organized a lunch time event in July. It will be roughly 15+ bloggers in total meeting up and many will be for the first time which I am excited about because some of these blogs I have been following for a while now so it will be nice to meet face to face finally and of course there will a few pics that I will be trying to post or snagging from other bloggers.

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  1. Myckyee says:

    The more I think about the waitress coming over to tell us to be quieter the weirder I think it is. I didn’t realize we were being that loud! Certainly we’ve been worse! Ah, well I enjoyed our meet-up anyway.

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