Local Blogger Meet Up

Its seems like forever since I have seen Donna from Books Bound so I was really happy when we got to meet for lunch today (Thursday).

I was dying to hear all about her New York trip as well as BEA experience. I was only getting little snipets through emails and posts so I was dying to know what happened and to see how it was. It seems like this year was more eventful then last year.

Donna also had some goodies for me and here is what she gave me. Not pictured was a little black tote bag that she got at BEA. As well as the daily PW magazine. I absolutely loved reading it from cover to cover. Yes even though it was all old news. That was one of my favorite things I picked up last year at BEA.

Its hard to tell in this picture for some reason but Let your inner dork shine through is actually a pale pink tshirt. I haven’t read the Dork Diaries yet but they are on my list of books to eventually read.

I also got three books from her which I am super excited about.

The first one is After Schizophrenia by Margaret Hawkins. This not my normal kind of read but I was curious about it because my brother in law suffers from schizophrenia. This comes out in September 2011.

After Obession by Carrie Jones & Steven E Wedel. This was acutally on my BEA wishlist so I am super excited to read this one. This is another September 2011 release.

The Predicteds by Christine Seifert. This one sounded really good. This one too is a September 2011 release.

So if you were at BEA did you grab any of the above stuff? Anything you are excited to read?

Thanks Donna again for all these goodies. I can’t wait to read the books this fall.

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