(Review) Are You Going to Kiss Me Now?

Title: Are You Going to Kiss Me Now?
Author: Sloane Tanen
Publisher: Sourcebook Fire
Pub Date: April 2011
Pages: 368

Source: I received a finished copy of this book from Sourcebooks Fire for my honest review.

About the book (from the back cover):
Being marooned on an island somewhere off the coast of Madagascar with five celebrities sounds romantic and glamorous, right?


You couldn’t find people with fewer survival skills if you tried. Seriously. Cisco may have centerfold abs, but he can’t even spell SOS. At least super sexy Jonah seems to have a clue (too bad about the purity ring). If I’m stuck here much longer, these self-involved head cases might drive me crazy- assuming they don’t insult each other to death first. Its like a group therapy edition of Survivor.

At this point, I’m pretty convinced that all celebrities should be caged in Hollywood and confined to the pages of US magazine. And, BTW, if you’re there, God, it’s me Francesca, and I really want to go home.


When I first heard about this book I was dying to read it because honestly who has never thought about being stranded on a desert island with a celebrity? Over the years I have to say my list has changed dramatically about who I would love to be stranded on a deserted island with.

Who would you pick? I think right now hands down it would be Enrique. Need I say more?

(This was taken June 2007. It happened so fast that I wish we could have gotten a better picture but the people working with Enrique were in a rush to get him out.)

Thankfully Francesca is doing exactly that and she thinks its going to be a blast but quickly realizes its nothing like she thought it would be because all she wants to do is go home after a few hours being stranded with these people.

Francesca is your typical high school student who loves her technology and anything to do with celebrities (magazine and all). Life for Francesca isn’t easy her father has left the family and living with his new girlfriend. One he soddenly informs her that they will be having a baby. This isn’t what Francesca wants to hear. She is upset and heart broken.

Having run away from her father, Francesca heads to her BFF Jordan’s house. Jordan has to go and do her SAT test but leaves a little package for her which consists of tabloid magazines and a seventeen. Flipping through Seventeen she stumbles upon a contest that allows the winner an all exclusive trip with five celebrities. Thinking she has nothing to loose and the chances of her winning of slim to know she write her essay and quickly sends it off.

When a phone call comes informing her she win, Francesca is excited figuring this is exactly what she needed since her life has been turned upside down. Before she can bask in the glory of the win she is wisk away to Madagascar to help promote literacy in children. Sadly the group doesn’t make it there. They land on a desert island. Loosing everything they own.

Cut off from the world the group quickly realizes that the odds of being found are slim to none but keep up their hopes that someone will realize they are lost. Will they be found before its too late?

I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t help but laugh at different times throughout the book. It was nice to see that a girl who is funny and awkward try to make the best of a worst situation and the gradually seems to fit in and become one of the crowd who ends up becoming friends with them.

I am looking forward to discovering Sloane’s other books because I heard that they are really funny.

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