(Review) Heartland The Cookbook

Title: Heartland The Cookbook
Author: Judith Fertig
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Pub Date: April 2011
Pages: 304

Source: I received a copy of this book from an awesome rep at Andrews McMeel who knows I love cookbooks. Thanks so much.

About The Book:
Although much of the nation is only beginning to embrace the farm-to-table movement, residents of the Midwest have been living off the bounty of the land since the pioneer days. Judith Fertig’s Heartland melds contemporary cooking with an authentic and appreciative approach to the land, presenting 150 recipes for farm-bounty fare with a modern twist. With a focus on ethnic food traditions as well as seasonal and local flavors of artisan producers, heirloom ingredients, and heritage meats, Heartland embraces the spirit and flavors of the modern farmhouse. Inside, offerings such as Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup, No-Knead Caraway Rye Bread, and Brew Pub Planked Cheeses comingle with recipes such as Wild Rice Soup with Flyover Duck Confit, Heartland Daube with White Cheddar Polenta, and Italian Fig Cookies.

In addition to the mouthwatering recipes and time-proven wisdom, Heartland includes an ample mix of humorous storytelling, literary and cooking references, and lush full-color landscape and food photography that showcases the heart of American cooking from the nation’s heartland.

I am always surprised when I opened a package from Andrews McMeel because I never know what they are going to send me. I love getting surprise packages from them especially when they involve cookbooks. I love cookbooks and trying new recipes.

This was no exception. When I first opened the cookbook I started to read the introduction and Judith discusses the history and geography of the midwest as well as the foods most commonly found in the region and what the kitchens are like.

There are a ton of great photographs that feature not only foods but of the animals, people and landscape found in the midwest. The only thing I wish was included in the photographs were more of the actually recipe foods. I love to see what the end product will be like.

Last summer I got to travel in some of the midwest and loved it and I have to say that eating the fruits and vegetables there was amazing. I always thought that we had fresh fruits and veggies here in Canada but wow I was blown away. Everything was crunchy and crisp. It tasted like it was all just fresh picked.

There are so many great recipes in the book that you almost don’t know where to start. In the first chapter gives you get to see what is in a Heartland pantry and offers recipes such as making your own Farmhouse Butter, Farmhouse Egg Pasta, Smoke Roasted Tomato Sauce, preserves, plus the basics for canning and making syrups such as blackberry-lavendar and fresh herb.

The second chapter is all about breakfast and brunch. Who doesn’t love making a haymaker’s hash along with some wholewheat pancakes? This is where I made my first recipe and its called Baked Eggs with Prosciutto and Asiago Cream. I couldn’t find any Asiago cheese so I ended up switching it for cheddar cheese and we all loved it.

The next recipe I made was the Heartland Scramble. Its basically scrambled eggs with cheese, onions and crumbled sausage. I thought Michael would have enjoyed this more but funny enough he doesn’t like scrambled eggs.

The other chapters in the book include the breadbasket (recipes for no knead breads, muffins, rolls and more), appetizers and drinks (making home made chips, assorted flatbreads, popcorn with gouda, farm girl cosmos and lemonade), salads and soups, main dishes and finally no cookbook is complete without desserts.

Looking through the recipes you will find them well written and easy to follow with a detailed list of ingredients.

I can’t wait to make more recipes from this fantastic cookbook.

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