Local Book Blogger Meet Up March Edition

Its that time for another Local Book Blogger Meet Up post.

As I was preparing to write up this post I realized that for some reason it feels as though its been awhile since we met up but in all honesty it was only a month. I think the time change had a lot to do with it. For some reason I have hard time adjusting to the springing forward bit. Thankfully it happens on a weekend.

This time around we were a much smaller group. The only ones there were Tina, Amanda and myself plus a full tea shop. Sadly Avis and Donna were unable to attend.

The first thing we commented on was how busy our little spot is getting and that is probably due to the fact there was a write up in their local paper about it. The place roughly sits about 20-25 people (gives you an idea how small it is). Reservations are a must.

While we sat, ate and drank we talked about books (about whats coming out and lack of books in the mail), work and school (for Tina and Amanda), life and of course BEA. What meet up would be complete without a BEA mention. Sadly I won’t be attending this year but I am definitely going next year (2012). Yes I am already in the work of planning it out.

Sadly no books were really exchanged in this meet up. Tina got a bunch of magazines that I brought for her and Amanda gave me the following book to pass on to my niece:

Not sure when the next meet up will be. Perhaps around the Dorval Friends of the library booksale in April. I know I will be attending. I went last year and managed to come home with alot of great books. I found out that last years sale the collected almost $5,000.

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