(Review) Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox

Title: Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox
Author:Blackaby, Susan
Illustrator:Segovia, Carmen
Publication Date:January 2011

Source: Received from Sterling for review.

About the book:
Happy Groundhog Day! But when Brownie steps outside, there’s not even the slightest sign of spring-just her shadow, a frosty field, and a hungry fox who wants to munch her for lunch. Determined not to become a meal, Brownie finds a clever and tasty way to melt the ice and turn Fox into a friend and make the wait for winter’s end a little warmer. Susan Blackaby’s deliciously witty writing and Carmen Segovia’s adorable animals and stunning landscapes combine to create a picture book filled with springtime joy. Just right for reading with a cup of cocoa and cinnamon toast; Brownie’s favorite meal!

My Thoughts:
I was pleasantly surprised when I received this book in the mail from Sterling. It was a surprise. I was trying to figure out when I would actually post a review and since I love the colors in the title I thought it had to be reviewed in February (pink and red)and since the book is about a groundhog and spring what better day then today, Groundhog’s Day.

This is such a cute book. Michael and I both enjoyed the story and illustrations. Even though in all the illustrations there is tons of snow Carmen managed to make each illustration pop out and fill up each page.

Its February 2nd and Brownie the Groundhog has waken up from her long winters nap but is quickly disappointed when she sees her shadow because it means another six weeks of winter. She is grumbling to herself. A fox nearby hears her and is ready to pounce on the groundhog and declares he is going to eat her.

Brownie is a very smart groundhog and manages to trick the fox to avoid being eaten. Brownie tells the fox he must work up his appetite and sets him off doing various chores such as cleaning the snow off the pond and skating. The fox still wants to eat her so she tells him to sit down and ties him to a tree and walks away. The fox howls, Brownie begins to feel a little bad for her actions so she walks back to him and decides to share her picnic basket with him.

As they are eating Brownie spots the first sign that spring is coming a little robin. As the new found friends leave the plan the next day together.

What a great book to read with children. Michael was the one who said when we finished it that he was happy that the two animals managed to become friends in the end despite the fact the fox was ready to eat the groundhog.

As I am writing this review we are currently having a snow storm and there is no signs of spring happening but thankfully we are into February so that only means roughly two more months left of winter weather.

Thanks Sterling for sending us this great book.

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