Local Book Blogger Meet Up February Edition

One of my favorite things of the month is meeting up with some local book bloggers at our favorite little tea shop in the city. I know I promised pictures this time around but it was only when I was half way home that I thought about it. I will have to make a note for the next time.

This month Tina from BookShipper, Avis from She Reads and Reads, Linda from Better With Books, Donna from BooksBound and myself were in attendance. Unfortunately, Amanda from Tales and Treats and Laura from Library of Clean Reads weren’t able to attend and they were missed.

One of the great things about meeting up is you never know what will come up in conversation. Basically its a no hold barred conversation and its great because no matter what is said we are still friends.

We did speak about the whole authors behaving badly issue from last week, things that were happening in our lives, our blogs, a little bit about books, an online book site that sells books (Tina and I couldn’t access certain books), BEA (of course) and first loves/boyfriends.

I have to say that I often wondered how things would have turned out had I stayed with my first love/boyfriend. I met him when he was visiting his grandparents (they use to live two doors up from me) and it was the year I started high school (grade 10). We basically had a long distance relationship at the end of summer but some how drifted apart months later. Then many, many years later we reconnected again and I went to visit him. Things were going great and we even spoke about marriage but something happened and it never did happen. Then I moved to Montreal. Thanks to facebook we are friends again.

Had things worked with him, I would probably be married with two kids (at least) and living in Michigan somewhere. As they say things happen for a reason and our paths in life are already planned out. He knows he will always be a special person to me. You can never forget your first love/boyfriend. Plus if it worked out I wouldn’t know these fantastic bloggers who have become my real life friends. I am sure I would have been blogging because I started my blog because of my love for reading and books.

I mentioned earlier that we spoke about BEA and I can say that I won’t be going this year and I believe Avis and Linda aren’t going either. Although I can officially say that I will be attending in 2012. On Valentine’s Day I brought this up during dinner and it will mean some sacrifices on my part but if I really want to go I am the only one who can make it happen. I am already starting to plan for it and thankfully I have a friend who is a travel agent who is offering to help me find some deals.

We chatted over some great drinks (teas, hot chocolates and hot apple drinks) and great food (dim sum, carrot cake, nuts) and shared some books. Tina was very generous and give us each a bookmark. Thanks Tina.

As for books I only came home with one and it was from Tina.

I have to read this book this week because I have to mail it to the next person on the ARC Tour we are on.

That was our February meet up. Not sure how March will play out because the last two weeks of March I will be unable to attend because Michael has curling on the Sunday. Hopefully something will work out because I have yet to miss a meet up.

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5 thoughts on “Local Book Blogger Meet Up February Edition

  1. avisannschild says:

    It wasn’t until today that I realized I forgot to mention the bookmark that Tina gave us in our post! Oh and I forgot the whole conversation about first boyfriends too! (But maybe that was because I’m not sure I’d want to mention it on my blog…)

    We must figure out when our next meet-up will be!

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