It’s Monday What are you reading? # 8

It’s Monday, What are you reading? is hosted by Sheila who blogs at Book Journey.

As I was getting ready to write up this post I realized that I have been doing this now for two months straight. I love taking part in this weekly meme because not only does it make me accountable for what I say I plan on reading this week but it also gives me the chance to see what you are all reading. This is a good and bad thing because after seeing what you guys are reading I am constantly adding books to my wish list.

This is also the last Monday in February and I am so happy its over and looking ahead I can see spring peeking out behind the snow clouds. Just one more month and things should be getting better.

Today was a mix bag of weather from snow, rain, freezing rain and now back to snow. Thankfully its not cold out yet so nothing is freezing but once it does it will be a mess out there with all the slush.

I had to brave the elements and go out. I was hoping that I could have got Michael into the spring break library activity today but it was filled and not one cancellation. It wasn’t a wasted trip because I had over due books (so much for my New Years resolution not to owe late fees) and Michael picked up a few graphic novels to read over the week.

Last week I kept my reading very simple and light. Okay I was basically reading a bunch of graphic novels to see if they were age appropriate for Michael to read. This is what I read:

I am actually looking forward to getting more of the Lunch Lady as I think Michael will really enjoy them. I am also looking forward to borrowing number 2 and 3 in the Max Finder mystery graphic novels when the come in from the library.

Now for this week I plan on reading:

Both books sound really good and I am excited to get into Jill Mansell’s book. I have read her previous five books and enjoyed them. Check back next week for my reviews as they are scheduled for then.

Anyways this is what I read last week and what I plan to read this week. What about you?

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